What Should You Gift Your Friends for Graduation?

A graduation is much more than just a ceremony to receive a scroll. For many people, it is also a coming-of-age experience that marks the path into adulthood. 

If you have a friend or family member that is graduating, getting them a gift is the usual way to show affection and congratulate them. 

There are many types of gifts you can consider for a graduation, but where do you even start with what to buy for graduation gift?

Well, one of the first questions you can ask yourself is what the person you’re giving the graduation gift to likes and prefers. Personal preference plays a big part in giving a graduation gift. 

Here, we’ve compiled some useful graduation gift ideas on what you can give on the occasion of a graduation. Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect, and it is the thought that counts the most.

  1. A Bouquet of Flowers 

Flowers for graduation are some of the most common gifts given to a student that’s graduating. Usually, they’re presented with graduation bouquets after the convocation ceremony. Therefore, if you’re making your way to a convocation session to see your friend, flowers are a good choice. 

Flowers are a really cheerful gift and they’re suitable for any gender. If you’re unable to be physically present at your friend’s convocation ceremony, you can always use flower delivery in Singapore to send it over. 

Farm Florist is a flower shop that specializes in Singapore flower delivery, and you can choose any bouquet from the graduation collection for specific time delivery ( 24 hours delivery available) or express delivery within an hour of your order. One lovely and bright bouquet they have is called Sunglow full of smiling, huge Gerbera daisies. 

Source: Farm Florist

2. Plush Toys

Plush toys might not sound like a very suitable gift for an academic achievement, but it’s actually pretty common. Cute graduation bears wearing robes and mortar boards are some of the cutest and most adorable things you can give your friends to commemorate their graduation.

It also helps to take into consideration the characters or animals that your friend likes and try to find a plush for that. Although teddy bears are common, you can always give your friend other types of plush toys. They don’t have to necessarily be designed for a graduation either. They just have to be really cute. 

3. A Terrarium

If flowers are a bit too mainstream and you want to go with a Terrarium. Terrariums are small glass containers where plants and moss are grown. They often have their own small landscape that you can care for .

Farm Florist also offers Terrariums in addition to the usual flower bouquets. These might be a more suitable graduation gift for guys if your male friend isn’t too fond of receiving flowers. 

One such ready-made Terrarium is Aalborg, which is housed in a circular glass bowl and can be used as a decoration piece anywhere in the home. It can also last much longer than flowers if cared for daily. 

Source: Farm Florist

4. A Coffee Maker

Graduations don’t just mark the successful end of an academic course, but is often the event that leads to one’s entry into the working world and ‘adulting’. Therefore, you can consider items that fit a young working person’s lifestyle.

If your friend is a coffee drinker, a coffee machine would be a good gift. It will make morning routines faster and they can enjoy the whole coffee making process.

There are many types of coffee makers to choose from, apart from the modern coffee machine. There’s the Japanese style coffee kits, French Press, Aero press, Belgian Coffee sets and many more. Take your time to do some research and find the most convenient and suitable one for your friend.

5.  A Foot Spa

Since your friend has now graduated, they’ve earned themselves some self-pampering. A home foot spa is a small tub that combines foot massages with a soothing foot soak. It’s the best way to recover from a long day standing or walking around.

These home foot spas are also good for boosting health, as it encourages blood circulation, reduces inflammation and relieves aches and pains.

6.  A Luggage Bag

Now that their studies are over and done with, it’s time to travel and see the world! Help your friend fulfill their dreams of travelling with a good quality luggage bag. There are many good brands of luggage bags available, and the best ones can be pulled or dragged around easily.

A luggage bag will make travel plans a lot easier as they will help keep your friend’s belongings safe. There are even modern luggage bags that are designed to remotely follow their owners around without needing to be pushed or pulled.

Whichever ones you get them, just be sure that it has a firm outer shell that can withstand any type of travel and handling.

7. A Gym Membership

Exercise is always something that’s encouraged as it promotes both physical and mental health. If you know of a gym that’s offering discounts and promos, you can always sign your friend up and foot the bill for the first month or more.

This will help set them on their journey to fitness, and you’ll be doing them a favor too. Try and pick a gym that has an outlet close to their home so that travelling won’t be a chore.

To make things even more fun, you can sign yourself up as well, so that you can both encourage each other to exercise via an accountability partner.

8. Bring Them for a Meal

This is something that you can do before or after your friend’s graduation, and it’s a very Singaporean way of celebrating something; with food! 

Make things even more cheerful by calling along other friends, and let your friend have a blast at their favorite food joint with lots of smiles and memories. 

Gifts are a wonderful way of showing that you support your friend at their most joyous time, and that you’re happy for them. One of the first places you can start browsing would be Farm Florist’s graduation flowers collection, which has plenty of different bouquets to suit different tastes.

Different people feel supported via different means, so don’t forget to spend time with your friends too.

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