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Get Well Soon Flowers Singapore

If a loved one or friend is not feeling so good, why not send them something that tells them you’re thinking of them? A classic way to cheer someone up and express your sympathy for their illness is by sending a bouquet of fresh flowers or a Get Well Soon Gift Basket!

After all, there’s nothing more cheering than the sunny faces of a bunch of sunflowers, for example. Or how about roses to tell your special someone that you love them and wish them a speedy recovery? But what’s the etiquette surrounding sending flowers to someone who’s sick in bed with flu or recovering from surgery? Read more below!

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The etiquette

The world’s a complicated place, with rules and regulations all over the place, including ones you may never have heard of. It turns out that while we all know the benefits of flowers, there’s particular etiquette surrounding when and how to send flowers.

When to send ‘get well soon’ flowers

The best time to send flowers to your friend, colleague or family members is as soon as you find out about their illness or injury. With FARM Florist Singapore, ordering a beautiful display of flowers or a thoughtful gift is simply a click of a button or a phone call away. If you delay sending your gift because of time constraints, you risk sending the ‘message’ that you either don’t care or they aren’t your priority.

What kind of message is appropriate

If you’re hand-delivering the flowers yourself, you could get away with a simple ‘get well soon’ message or even no message at all. However, if you’re serious about etiquette, a thoughtful message of the appropriate length is essential.

Hand-written is top prize, but this is usually impossible because of distances between people. But composing a good message is the most important part so that the florist can make sure that your message is conveyed to your sick friend or relative. Flowers are sure to boost their spirits, but a well-considered message will add the cherry on the top.

If someone is in hospital, perhaps about to have or just recovering from surgery, a longer message conveying your concern for them and your wishes for a successful restoration to good health is more appropriate.

Depending on your relationship with the person, you might like to inject a little humour into your message. After all; you’re also trying to cheer them up. Whatever the case may be, keep the message upbeat and light-hearted to hopefully raise their spirits. Of course, for even bigger smiles and an improvement in disposition, a balloon or two added to your gift are sure to do the trick.

Which flowers to choose

You’d think any flowers would be suitable for someone who’s ill or recovering from surgery, but not all flowers are equal when it comes to sending get well soon bouquets.

Etiquette has certain rules about which flowers are appropriate for someone who is ill. It all stems from the fact that most flowers have historical meanings, symbolism and associations. And some flowers are associated with death. These particular flowers are definitely not appropriate to send to someone who is ill or recovering from an operation. This is a time to definitely respect flower-giving etiquette!

Flowers appropriate for get well gifts


Hydrangeas are quite an unusual bouquet choice, but they make for a most stunning display. And of course, they, too, have their meaning. According to history, hydrangeas symbolise perseverance. This makes them an appropriate choice for someone who is convalescing. A growing hydrangea in a pot is also a lovely gift that will keep on giving while it grows.


Daises are one of the most cheerful flowers around. It’s hard to be miserable around a vase of daisies, whatever the colour. The classic white variety is pure and fresh, but gerbera daisies are available in a wide variety of bold and bright colours.

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