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Send Congratulatory Flower Stands to Celebrate Grand Openings and Joyous Occasions

Any time of congratulations is a time to rejoice, and it is in the culture of the people in Singapore to send congratulatory flower stands.

There are many occasions when a congratulatory stand is appropriate, and these are some of them – corporate anniversary, birthday, grand opening of a retail shop or corporate office, graduation, get well soon, wedding, new birth, Christmas, or Chinese New Year. Some even send such congratulatory stands as a prank!

The names we use for our congratulatory flower stands on their own are awesome, and when put together with flowers, are just breathtaking!

Flower Stand

Blessed Wishes


Flower Stand

Royal Treasure


Great for grand openings in business

For corporate and business events or personal achievement, the congratulatory flower stand has become a remarkable way of life in Singapore. Traditionally, Singapore grand opening flowers and grand opening flower stands contribute to the congratulatory well wishes to businesses on their opening day, or with the launch of a new product.

They are in demand too for entrances to restaurants, or reception areas of businesses, simply for their attraction, or to announce a special event. It is also believed that they attract good fortune for a newly opened business, or for the continued grace of the company with a resident congratulatory stand.

This is why grand opening flowers Singapore are usually more striking and astonishing than hand bouquets or floral table arrangements.

The grand opening stands are equipped with a wooden or metallic base which can be wrapped in luxurious fabric to complement the arrangement of the flowers. They could also be festooned with ribbons for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Bespoke to suit budget, requirements

The Singapore grand opening stands are bespoke made to suit budget and requirements. The most popular flowers that are used include gerberas, sunflowers, lilies, roses, eustomas and carnations. Additional grand opening flowers, arrangements for tables and congratulations gift flower baskets are also popular items that accompany the grand opening stand. Grand opening gifts from friends, family and sponsors who are displaying their support during the launch are also popular.

Creativity and design are the hallmarks of what makes a congratulatory flower stand spectacular, and this goes for any occasion. These include birthday celebrations, graduation parties, get well soon display in the hospital ward, wedding parties and Valentine’s Day parties.

This is a great way of expressing your support and well wishes for any occasion. Congratulatory flowers send the message to friends and loved ones that they are always in your thoughts and you are celebrating with them even if you can’t be there in person.

If you want your friend, family, or special someone to know that you support his or her business all the way, or you are wishing someone on the graduation, or their wedding celebrations, or the birth of a newborn baby celebration, sending a gift of flowers specially created for that occasion is the best move.

The Singapore grand opening flowers are a sure way to let them know how much you wish them well for their new business. The birthday celebration, likewise, is a time to rejoice and let the birthday person, friends and family know that you support that person every way and send best wishes for a grand future every step of the way.

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