Baby Names Inspired by Flowers

The birth of a child is a life-changing event, and expecting parents will no doubt start preparing once they learn that they’re pregnant. 

One of the things that parents will do is to pick out a name for their new child. If you’re a parent and you’re picking out a name, one place you can start is by considering flower or plant inspired names.

Outright flower names are usually more popular for girls, while names of trees and plants are more common for boys. 

Flower Inspired Names For Girls

Parents usually choose flower names for their daughters as they want to convey a feeling of sweetness and pleasantness. However, flower names can also be elegant and classy. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Rose

Rose is a very versatile name and there are many variations of it that you can give to your baby girl. These variations include Rosie, Roseanne, Rosa and many more. Any rose inspired name brings a meaning of love, beauty and passion. 

Rose is also a very sweet name, conveying the sentiment that you hope your child has a sweet life. One famous personality with this name is Rosé from Blackpink, whose real name is Roseanne Park.

2. Lily

In nature, lilies are usually white and therefore represent purity and innocence. Lily is a name that evokes an elegant type of innocence like that of a princess or a high born lady. Some famous figures with this name include Lily Collins and Lily James, both of whom are actresses.

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3. Azalea

Azaleas are small flowers in bright colors that grow on bushes. They’re also known as Rhododendrons. Azalea isn’t a very common flower inspired name for your baby, so if you’re into something more unique and exotic, then this could be in your list for considerations. 

4. Jasmine

Jasmines are small white flowers which give off a fragrant scent. The flower is often used as hair ornaments or to make tea.Jasmines represent good luck, and are therefore common at weddings and other celebrations. Another variation of this name is Yasmin, which is a Middle Eastern version of the name. 

Jasmine is also a good name to consider if you’re naming your little girl after a Disney princess, since Jasmine is the name of the princess in Aladdin. 

5. Violet

Violet is one of those classic English names that was popular in Victorian times. Violet flowers are a deep purple color and the name brings about sentiments of loyalty and protection. 

If you’re a fan of the drama series ‘Downton Abbey’, one of its key characters, the Dowager Countess of Grantham ( Granny’s ) name is Violet Crawley. 

6. Iris 

Iris is yet another classic English name that was popular at the turn of the century. Irises are flowers that grow on tall, long stalks and come in shades of blue and purple. The Iris flower represents faith, hope and courage. 

7. Hyacinth

Hyacinth ( pronounced Hai-ya-synth) is one of those flower names that have lost their popularity in recent decades. It was pretty common during the decades following World War 2, because it represented peace and tranquility. 

The Hyacinth was used during Roman times to represent the sun God Apollo, so it’s also associated with growth and prosperity. 

8. Marigold

Marigold is one of those names you’d see in an Enid Blyton book. It was pretty popular among members of the English nobility, as it comes from a flower symbolizing wealth. Marigolds are bright yellow and orange flowers that represent joy, and is also associated with religious purity and holiness. 

Flower and Plant Inspired Names for Boys

Boys traditionally do not have many flower inspired names, and have more trees and plant inspired ones. This is because flowers are generally associated with the feminine rather than masculine. Here are some of our picks for boy names inspired by flowers and plants:

1. Aster

Asters are flowers that look like little stars. It is no surprise that Aster actually means ‘star’ in ancient Greek. Asters come in shades of purple and blue, and are known for attracting bees and butterflies. This name conveys that you want your child to be a little star and attract people in a positive way wherever they go.

2. Sage

Sage is a well-known herb that is thought to ward off evil when burnt. It gives off a pleasant aroma that is fresh and can cleanse the area around it. In English, a sage is a person of wisdom too, so calling your child by this name evokes notions of intelligence and wisdom used for good.

3. Basil

Basil is yet another name derived from a herb. These days, basil is usually used in cooking western dishes. However, in the past, basil was widely used as a medicinal herb to cure ailments like stomach ache, head colds, warts, loss of appetite and much more. 

Therefore, the name Basil carries elements of healing, knowledge, diligence and intelligence. 

4. Cosmos

Cosmos flowers come in shades of pink, burgundy, red and magenta. They’re known as the harmony flowers because of the way their petals are laid out and don’t overlap. The name Cosmos is therefore linked to a harmonious and peaceful life. 

5. Aloe

Everyone knows what the aloe vera plant is, and how it has a gel-like centre that is used as a soothing balm. Aloe is used to soothe scrapes and burns, and is known to reduce redness in skin as well as skin irritations. 

Naming your child Aloe means that you wish for them to be a healing balm that is able to bring peace and soothe the hurts of those around them. 

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Source: Farm Florist

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