First Date Ideas and Last Minute Tips

It feels like the best day of your life! You’ve just confessed to this amazing person, whom you’ve had a crush on for ages, and they’ve said yes.

You’re on Cloud 9, but you can’t stop and celebrate for too long. It’s now time to plan your first date. You want it to be sweet, satisfying and memorable. 

Planning a first date can seem rather overwhelming, especially if you still don’t really know your date that well yet. The best tip we can give is not to take things too seriously for this first date and go for neutral activities that anyone can enjoy. 

Here are some first date ideas in Singapore  that will help you plan better:

1. Go For a Quiet Dinner

This idea may sound cliche, but dinner is the best way for the both of you to have a conversation. Having a meal at a quiet restaurant is the best. 

Don’t worry about impressing your date with an opulent or luxurious experience. As long as the place you choose has delicious food, and has a quiet and adequately private atmosphere conducive for deep conversations.

To make the dinner more romantic, you can bring flowers for your date. At Farm Florist, a flower shop in Singapore, you’ll find a wide variety of bouquets to choose from under the ‘Romance’ tag. One of the sweetest bouquets available is called Dearest, made with pink roses.

Source: Farm Florist

2. Meet at a Go Kart Circuit

If both of you are fans of fast rides, then a Go-Kart circuit like Singapore’s s kf1 Karting Circuit is a good idea. There’s also The Karting Arena at Bukit Timah and Jurong. Go Karts are a safe way to enjoy some adrenaline rush, and doing it with your date makes it doubly exciting.

Since it’s a date, choose an easy track that  won’t stress either one of you out physically. Dates are after all, meant to be fun and relaxing.

3. Visit a Museum or Gallery

One of the best ways to discover each others’ taste as a couple is to visit art galleries and museums. There are many museums in Singapore that offer free entrance and reasonably priced tickets for citizens and permanent residents. 

Among the destinations you can consider includes the National Museum of Singapore, The Asian Civilizations Museum and The Peranakan Museum. 

Hopefully, the exhibits within these museums and galleries will spark meaningful interactions between the two of you.

4. Have a Romantic Picnic

A proper picnic doesn’t have to be very grand, as long as you spend some time outdoors together close to nature. 

Picnics can be very soothing and healing, especially if the both of you have hectic jobs and want some peace and quiet on the weekends. 

Having a home made picnic basket is great, but to keep things low maintenance, you can always just arrange for takeaway from a nearby food stall, cafe or bakery.

Some of the most popular picnic spots in Singapore for couples include the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Marina Barrage.

5. Go Window Shopping

Another relaxing yet budget friendly activity you can do together during a first date is to go window shopping. Think walking around IKEA and testing out furniture, or just spending time looking around for snacks at Don Don Donki. 

Going shopping together lets you bond over common interests, and is a pretty conducive environment to encourage opinion sharing over everyday items and subjects. 

6. Relax at A Pet Cafe

There’s nothing that breaks the ice better than a cute pet. If your partner is alright with furry animals, and doesn’t have any allergies, then you can consider visiting a dog or cat cafe.

There are many such establishments in Singapore, where you can enjoy a soothing cuppa while mingling with some really cute fur babies. These cafes serve brunch and full meals too, so you don’t have to worry about booking another place for dinner or lunch together.

7. Go Art Jamming

If you’ve never heard of art jamming, it is basically an art session that lets you explore your creative side and draw or paint freely. There are many art galleries and studios in Singapore that host art jam sessions.

You will most probably be required to book your session, which lasts 2-3 hours. The host will provide all the equipment needed and won’t put any restrictions on what you can express artistically. 

Last Minute First Date Tips

Does the perfect date exist? That’s the question that many people have on their minds when starting a relationship.

The answer of what to do on your first date depends heavily on what you and your date enjoy together. If you have to plan a first date at the last minute, don’t fret. Here are some practical tips to keep things as perfect as they can be, with limited planning:

1. Keep it Simple

Don’t plan too many activities for your date, Only one or two should suffice. One of those activities should include a meal or an activity that is running concurrently with a meal. You don’t want to wear your date out, so keep things light and fun.

2. Believe in Yourself

First dates can be nerve wrecking. However, a good date depends very much on your engagements with your date rather than the activities planned. Being confident with your own charms is one of the highlights of your date.

3. Keep Flowers to the Last 

Bringing a gift for your date is not a must, but it’s a sweet gesture that will add much more romance to the experience. The good news is, Singapore flower delivery shops like Farm Florist have express delivery services, and we’re able to deliver within an hour of your order.

One particularly bright and cheerful, yet romantic bouquet you can consider giving your date is the Charlene arrangement, made of large and boldly coloured Gerbera daisies.

Source: Farm Florist

Farm Florist is also able to do same day, specific time deliveries. This means that you can surprise your date with a flower delivery in Singapore at the end of the evening, and we will deliver your bouquet after your first date no matter where you are on the island. 

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