These Are The Top 10 Most Popular Wedding Flowers And Why

Top 10 most popular flowers for weddings and why.

Weddings are special occasions for everyone. It’s a special day to be remembered and enjoyed with loved ones and friends. One of the most common wedding decorations is flowers. Flowers are most prominently used in the bride’s wedding flower bouquet. 

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However, apart from that, wedding flowers are also used as centerpieces at the wedding dinner table, used as corsages and placed all over the wedding ceremony venue. Flowers convey a festive and celebratory atmosphere, and their sweet scents add an air of romance.

That’s why flowers are one of the most favored items at any wedding. If you’re a bride or groom to be, you’ll need to make decisions on which flowers to feature at your wedding. Here are 10 of the most popular flowers for weddings and what they mean.

The Top 10 Flowers For Weddings in SIngapore

These flowers are some of the most common at weddings. Usually, however, they’re mixed with other blooms to form wedding flower bouquets or as part of the floral arrangements that line the bridal path. Couples usually choose a color theme for their wedding, and the flowers are coordinated accordingly. However, couples can also choose one type of flower that is the central focus of the wedding’s floral decorations. Here are the 10 most common flowers used in a wedding:

  1. Roses 

Roses are hands down the most popular wedding flower by far. Usually, couples love having them in shades of pink or peach. These colors convey a feeling of sweet romance and innocent love. Roses also give out an incredibly lovely scent, and decorating a venue with roses really gives it an aroma of luxury and indulgence. Plus, it’s a natural perfume that sits well with anyone and isn’t too strong.

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2. Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are large and come in a variety of bright colors. It’s becoming a trend to feature these flowers very prominently in weddings, especially as a centerpiece and as boutonnieres. Daisies add a very cheerful and bright touch to any wedding flower arrangement as they’re loud and ooze happiness.

Brides have been known to carry bridal bouquets consisting of a single Gerbera daisy, with some filler flowers. These large flowers offer a pop of attractive color, so it’s perfect for those who want to go big, literally.

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3. Calla Lilies

Calla lilies have a very unique shape and this makes them look absolutely stunning. Calla lilies are usually used as centerpieces for dinner tables, and incorporated into the wedding bouquet too. They are most commonly found in white and ivory, but you’ll be able to see some in pink, yellow and orange too.

White Calla lilies are particularly popular because they convey a sense of purity and innocence, alluding to the purity and untainted nature of the bride and groom’s love. Calla lilies are one of those flowers that can pull off a striking effect in small quantities, if you prefer understated flower arrangements.

4.  Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are sweet looking mid-sized flowers that have about four petals. Hydrangeas are thought to represent a beating heart, and therefore convey the sense that love perseveres through hardship and challenges.

Hydrangeas come in a white myriad of colors, most of them mellow and soft. You can find hydrangeas in pale pink, baby blue, light purple and several more.

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5.  Carnations

The frilly petals of the carnation are remarkably feminine. Although carnations are usually given to moms for mother’s day, they’re also chosen for weddings. In fact, carnations are becoming increasingly displayed at weddings because of their unique frilly petals.

Carnations convey a feeling of comfort and softness, and represents love that is warm and wholesome. Carnations are perfect for creating a cozy wedding atmosphere. They also come in many colors like peach, white, purple and deep red.

6. Tulips

Tulips have long, elongated petals and look elegant when gathered into a bouquet. Their long and slender stalks also contribute to a luxurious aesthetic. Tulips represent happiness, and come in many bright colors too. These flowers look good without the need to add any other flowers to the mix.

Tulips are perfect as boutonnieres and can be added to seating too. They’re usually displayed in long, clear glass vases when used as centerpieces just like Gerbera daisies.

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7. Orchids

Not only are orchids visually appealing, they’re also the national flower of Singapore. Orchids are tropical flowers which represent fruitfulness. With orchids, you can have a more local and familiar atmosphere at your wedding. Orchids are very versatile, and look good no matter where they’re displayed.

8. Baby’s Breath

Baby ’s breath are small tiny flowers that are just adorable. White baby’s breath is usually used as fillers for larger wedding flower bouquets. However, you can also choose to have a whole bouquet made of baby’s breath alone. 

The fact that they come in a myriad of colors like blue, yellow, purple and pink means that you can choose to have them arranged in creative designs, like your initials or the shape of a heart. They’re really popular because of their versatility in use and design.

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9. Peonies

A peony is a large round flower with many layers of petals, all closely knit into one another. Peonies bloom in colors like pink, red, magenta and purple. There are some that come in shades of yellow, blue or green too. Due to its relatively larger size, you’ll find that you may not need as many peonies as compared to other smaller flowers. When they bloom, their inner petals form a fascinating pattern and texture you won’t find anywhere else.

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10. Sunflowers

Sunflowers may not be the obvious choice for a wedding, but it will surely make your wedding stand out. Sunflowers are all about adoration, loyalty and longevity. Due to their bright yellow colors, they’re very joyful flowers that will fill the room with a smiley atmosphere. They’re great for decorating the isles, seating, and for your bridal bouquet as well.

No matter which flowers you choose for your wedding, just make sure you discuss with your wedding florist as finalize all the color selections and designs beforehand. Flowers are a necessary part of any celebration, and your wedding will no doubt be better the more flowers you have.

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