All You Need to Know About Being A Florist in Singapore

all you need to know about being a florist in singapore

What is it like to be a florist in Singapore? Whenever anyone mentions the word florist, most people have the impression of a calm, serene individual working among plants and flowers. To many, it’s an idyllic career that looks laid back and relaxing, especially if you compare it to a fast paced corporate position.

However, being a florist does have its own demands and unique challenges too. Those with florist jobs in Singapore each have their own unique stories on how they came to be in their chosen field. 

Unlike professional jobs like medical doctors, lawyers or accountants, there isn’t a defined path or qualification to become a florist. We shall examine how you can get started later on in this article. However, let’s answer some important questions first.

What Does Being A Florist Entail?

In the most basic and simple terms, a florist is someone that designs and produces floral arrangements for sale, makes flower displays, arranges floral deliveries and handles flowers in general. 

In our modern context, there are two types of florists, namely retail florists and wholesale florists. Wholesale florists in Singapore usually gather fresh flowers from nursery owners and sell them in bulk to the various retail florists in a certain area.

Careers as a florist

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Retail florists would be the ones working at the shops, taking bouquet and floral arrangement orders, producing these arrangements and then shipping them off for delivery. Retail florists sometimes also sell loose flowers. In Singapore, selling loose flowers is quite common as flowers are used for religious and prayer purposes in several religions here. 

What Skills Do I Need As a Florist?

Just like any other job, a florist requires important skills that will be used for different aspects of the job. These skills can be learned theoretically through florist courses in Singapore, and also on the job while you’re working. Here are some of the skills you’ll need to have as a florist:

1.Creativity and Artistic Sense
In an industry where you have to stand out, having a generous dose of creativity will help you go a long way. Flowers are an artistic language and medium  by themselves, so knowing how to use flowers and foliage to express an emotion is a key point in being a successful florist. 

Additionally, you also need some artistic sense. This means you know the basics of color coordination, how to design floral arrangements, how to match flowers and much more. 

Aesthetically pleasing flower shop

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2. Floriculture and Horticultural Science
The scientific aspects of the job are important too. You should know the basics of how flowering plants grow and function, as well as how they’re bred. This will help you in understanding the techniques used to care for and maintain these flowers and flowering plants. This scientific aspect and well as the care and maintenance of flowers is known as Floriculture.

Additionally, you should also be well versed in horticulture, which is the knowledge of flower species. Knowing the names of the different flowers used in floral arrangements from all over the world, is crucial in the business. You should also know the different varieties of flower species used, as well as their attributes, like how long they can survive after being clipped. 

3. Business Management and Support

Working in the floristry field means running your own business, or working as one of the staff in an existing business. Whatever your position will be, knowing how a business works helps to ensure that it runs smoothly.

This skill begins with knowing how a business is started in Singapore, like what application documents are required and how to procure suppliers. It will continue with information on the day to day running of the business, like how to keep accounts, take stocks, file taxes and the like.

4. Customer Service

Customers are the key to the survival of any business. This is a skill you’ll need to learn fast, as it will be crucial to the survivability of your florist business. Dealing with customers involves good communication and listening skills, and well as empathy. Patience plays an important role too, as you’ll need it when solving any problems that arise.  Good customer service will ensure that your customers keep coming back, and stay loyal to your business.

5. Marketing

People need to know that your florist shop exists. The way to do that is through marketing. Traditional marketing methods include putting advertisements on mass media, as well as giving out leaflets. These days, the best florists in Singapore are all going online. Having a presence on social media will increase your brand awareness, as many people search for products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even TikTok.

How Do I Get Started on Becoming A Florist in Singapore?

Technically, you don’t need a paper qualification to become a florist. However, many people who aspire to become florists do undergo some form of training or certification. This increases their chances of being hired as a staff, or as an apprentice.  Many private florists and educational institutions offer short florist courses in Singapore. These can last for a few days or a few weeks, and you’ll earn yourself a certification upon completion.

The most comprehensive and widely accepted floristry certification comes from the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (SSG WSQ) program under the MOE.  The WSQ Floristry program offers four levels of certification, from a basic WSQ Certificate in Floristry Operations ( Level 1) all the way to a WSQ Diploma in Floristry Management (Level 4).

How do i get started on becoming a florist in Singapore?

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Some people who become florists actually start out without any paper qualification. Rather, they become apprentices. They start working part time florist jobs in Singapore, as an assistant, cashier or delivery personnel. They work their way up and learn on the job. Many then become full time florists, and even open their own businesses.

There are still many florist jobs in Singapore that accept you whether you have the training or not. As long as you’re willing to learn and can withstand the long working hours. Being a florist can be labor intensive and tiring. Often, the shop has to be opened before dawn so that you can receive the flowers from the wholesale florist supplies in Singapore. Many florists are on their feet up to 12 hours a day, and sometimes more.

The uncertainty of being a florist in Singapore

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Your Future As A Florist

While creativity and artistic talent is required, it also takes lots of stamina to work as a florist in Singapore. However, as long as you really love the job, it’s really rewarding as it gives you lots of room to express your tastes and talents. There will always be a florist vacancy in Singapore suited to you, as demand for floral services and products will always exist well into the future. If you dare to be different with your designs, you’ll also be the most unique florist in Singapore too.

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