How to Make a Simple Single Stalk Bouquet

How to Make a Simple Single Stalk Bouquet by Farmflorist

Single stalk bouquets are one of the easiest types of bouquets to sell as a florist. They’re also one of the easiest to make. Single stalk bouquets are pretty versatile. Unlike wreaths which are given in condolences or large bouquets which are given as passionate expressions of love, single stalks can be given for a much wider set of reasons and occasions.

Single stalk bouquets can be made with different types of flowers. Usually, customers prefer flowers that are large and bright to be the centre of the bouquet. The type of flower used for a single stalk bouquet is often determined by the occasion the bouquet is used for.

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Getting To Know Which Flowers Are Usually Used

In order for a flower to be considered as a centerpiece for a single stalk bouquet, it has to fulfill several criteria. Firstly, the bloom has to be large enough to be visible and stand out. Secondly, it should come in a variety of colors so that it can represent several different things. Most of the time you’ll be able to find these flowers from a wholesale florist in Singapore. Here are some of the flowers commonly used in a single stalk bouquet:

1.      Roses

Roses, especially deep red ones, are given in single stalks by those wanting to confess their love, or to remind a partner of their feelings. Rather than a grand gesture, giving a single rose stalk to a lover is a gentle reminder that feelings of love exist in a more ‘everyday’ type of manner. This is also the reason many people give single roses to their partners to commemorate romantic anniversaries.

Other rose colors such as yellow, purple or blue can also be gifted to a partner, but they are also gifted to friends and family for occasions like birthdays, graduations, promotions and the like.

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2.      Sunflowers

The large, yellow and bright sunflower is popular as a single stalk flower both because of its size and color. This is one flower that just puts a smile on anyone’s face. Sunflowers are pretty popular as a graduation gift and for those who’ve achieved some milestone in life. They’re also popular as birthday gifts, thank you gifts and corporate presents.

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3.    Carnations

Pink carnations look very sweet and single carnation bouquets are associated with Mother’s Day. The practice of giving carnations to mothers started in the west, and people used to wear carnations to honor their mothers on Mother’s Day. Pink if their mothers were still alive and white if their mothers were no longer around. Nowadays, rather than wearing carnations, they give them as gifts instead.

Single stalk carnations are also popular among couples, especially if the carnations are a deep red.

4.    Gerbera Daisies

The bright and cheery appearance of Gerbera daisies make them very common as single stalk flowers. Gerbera daisies are also available in a wide array of colors like pink, yellow, orange, purple, and magenta.

Gerbera daisies are perfect as gifts for friends who are going away, as they’re also symbols of luck and best wishes. They’re also given to friends as congratulatory gifts, and for family members on special occasions. 

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Getting To Know Your Fillers

Single stalk flowers are usually never wrapped alone. They are often surrounded by fillers, which can be divided into small flowers or green leaves. In essence, these fillers create a larger parameter for your bouquet, giving your bouquet a bigger effect. Usually, you’ll get fillers when you buy your florist supplies wholesale.

Common fillers include Baby’s Breath (also known as Gypso), Statice, Poms, Dusty Millers, Monster leaves, Limoniums and Asters. Be sure to have at least a few of these on standby as they’re pretty useful for making any type of bouquet. For a deeper look into how to use fillers, you can check out any  florist course in Singapore.

How To Start Wrapping a Single Stalk Bouquet

Since only a single stalk is involved, many may think that it’s easy. However, wrapping a single flower stalk can sometimes be challenging too. You have to creatively ensure that the single flower doesn’t look boring. At the same time, you cannot overload it with fillers to the point that it becomes gauche.

Here are some basic steps to follow:

  1. Choose your main flower

Your main flower for the bouquet should be medium sized or large, and should be the focus of your bouquet. Once you have decided on your stalk, go ahead and trim it to an ideal length, usually 35-50 cm from the top. 

  1. Wrap fillers around it

Most florists will choose small flowers of a neutral color like beige, white or pink to surround the main flower and create a fuller bouquet. Sometimes, green leaves are used too. 

Remember that your fillers should not overpower the aesthetic of your main stalk.  On average, you’re advised not to use more than 5 or 6 stalks of fillers, whether flowers of greens.Some florists will choose not to use any fillers, and keep the design to a very minimalist feel.

  1. Secure it all together.

Secure all your fillers and main stalk together at a mid-point about 20 cm from the top. Secure this midpoint with sticky tape or a rubber band.

  1. Surround the bottom half with moisture

To keep the flowers fresh for longer, wrap the lower half your bouquet with paper or cotton. Surround the cotton or paper with a layer of plastic, which can be any type of waterproof, clear plastic. Before sealing the plastic layer in place with tape, wet the paper or cotton with water.

  1. Wrap with outer paper wrappings and decorations

Here’s where you can be creative and be a unique florist in Singapore. You’re now free to choose various outer wrapping paper. 

Since your bouquet is only a single stem, you’re advised to use plain colored wrapping paper. Use two colors or layers  at most, so as not to detract attention away from the single flower stalk. 

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Your Way to Creating Single Stalk Bouquets 

If you would like to improve your skills at creating single stalk bouquets, you can always join a florist course in Singapore. A florist course in Singapore will give you the exposure, training and practice you need to produce professional bouquets good enough for any celebration or event.

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