The Best Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas 2021

Christmas time is here, and to spread the Christmas cheer, it’s time to start decorating your home or workplace. There’s no better central decoration piece than Christmas trees. 

Christmas trees have long been a part of Christmas traditions, especially in Europe. According to legend, they were popularized by Martin Luther, leader of the Reformation movement in Germany, some time in the 16th century. 

He was one of the first persons to bring an evergreen tree  indoors, and decorate it with candles. 

These days, Christmas trees are decorated with much more than just candles. Here are some ideas on how you can decorate your Christmas tree in Singapore this year:

1. Go Natural With Flowers

If you want a tree that’s slightly different from your previous ones, choose a natural theme. This means decorating your tree with elements of nature. Celebrating Christmas In Singapore means it’s possible to use things like pinecones, preserved flowers and holly to decorate your tree. 

Fresh flowers won’t last long, so you can always choose dried or preserved flowers. At Farm Florist, we have Everlasting Roses. These roses look and smell like the real thing, but have actually undergone a dehydration process that allows them to last forever, but still look fresh.

One of our bouquets with Everlasting Roses is Renee, which has 9 blooms. You can also use the filler flowers on your tree as well. The best part is, you can take advantage of the cheap flower delivery in Singapore to get multiple bouquets. 

Source: Farm Florist

2. Go Bold With Gold

An evergreen fir tree is often deep green in colour. In Singapore, where artificial trees are the norm, you’ll find that most commercially available trees are also this colour. Deep green really goes well with a few colours, and one of them is gold. 

Apart from the usual gold tinsels, baubles and ribbons, the most important aspect of turning your Christmas tree into a golden masterpiece are the lights. 

Be sure to pick warm lights as this will add to the golden colour of your tree. Gold trees are really versatile, and they’re suitable for homes and other locations that have a classic, homey,  traditional style vibe. 

3.  Red is the New Red

One of the reasons why red decorations stand out so much on green backgrounds are because they are opposites to each other on the color spectrum. Red is an elegant, yet fiery color that represents passion and happiness.

A green tree paired with red decoration will also send out feelings of warmth and coziness. In recent years, monotone themes (one color) on Christmas trees have been the trend, as this makes things more aesthetically pleasing.

When choosing red decorations for your tree, try and choose different shades of red, in order to make your tree more lively.


4. Dreaming of a White Christmas

White trees are not new. The good thing is that they haven’t gone out of fashion, yet. Get yourself a white Christmas tree for a change and really see your space being lit up.

White trees give off a more winter-like atmosphere, and they’re perfect if you like minimalist decorations compared to more classic ones.

We advise decorating your white tree with only one color, to create a more uniformed visual impact. Silver, any shade of blue, red or gold will work well.

White trees are also great for office settings, where you want to convey more formal vibes that are contemporary.

5. There’s No Place Like Ombre

Ombre trees aren’t that difficult to make. All you have to do is plan and find the right accessories. Ombre trees can be made with any colors, as long as you find ornaments that have two colors on the top and bottom.

Decorating a tree this way will really make your tree stand out. If you have trouble finding ornaments that have two colors or two shades, you can always DIY your own ornaments.

All you have to do is purchase white ornaments and paint them, preferably with acrylic paint. This way, you’ll be able to create those ethereal shadowy shades that personify an ombre tree.  

6.  New Age Tree

If you want something that’s truly different from the norm, why not consider a modern interpretation of the Christmas tree? These days, you’ll be able to find various different trees for sale online.

These ‘trees’ can take many different forms, mostly designed as an abstract version of the traditional Christmas tree. They can be made of cardboard, steel, wood and other materials.

Many people who adopt these modern Christmas trees do so because they’re more eco-friendly, especially those made from recycled materials. These trees often have places where you can hang your ornaments too.

If you’re not keen on buying one and want to have a modern tree on a budget, you can always create one by yourself. There are many ideas online, and you can try them out. People have created trees by stacking up various sized books, hanging family Polaroids, crafting cardboard boxes into 3D shapes and much more.

How to Pick the Best Decorations For Your Tree

When decorating your Christmas tree this year, there are several things to take into consideration. These include:

  • Take into consideration your budget. You can always repurpose, repaint and reuse old ornaments and give your tree a fresh new look.
  • Trees don’t have to be large. A small one is just as effective in brightening up the space.
  •  In keeping up with the times, do consider environmentally friendly materials when choosing trees or ornaments. They should ideally be recyclable or easily degradable.

This is why you should consider natural elements when decorating your tree with natural ornaments, including flowers. Apart from fresh flowers, you can also buy preserved flowers from Farm Florist, which is a wholesale florist in Singapore. Here, you can buy your florist supplies wholesale in Singapore at an affordable and reasonable price. 

You can send flowers in Singapore anywhere on the island straight to your doorstep, as we provide flower delivery in Singapore for cheap. 

Have fun decorating your tree this festive season!

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