The Best Valentine’s Flowers For 2022

Flowers are one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts in Singapore and around the world. Valentine’s day is a day for many couples to celebrate their love, no matter how long they’ve been together. 

If you’d like to order your Valentine’s day gifts, we have several unique Valentine’s Day flowers to recommend here. These flowers can help you express your feelings perfectly, and will go well with other romantic gifts like chocolate and jewelry. 

1. Three Roses in a Box 

Roses are such wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts because of their pleasant scent. If you’re choosing to give your loved one some roses, then deep red is the best color to choose from. This is because red roses signify passion and desire. 

The number of roses you give is also important, as different numbers represent different messages. To get started, you may want to consider giving 3 roses, as this signifies the three words ‘I Love You’.

At Farm Florist, we provide the Enchantment Bloom Box that pairs our 3 rose Enchantment bloom box with a cute teddy bear and balloon. 

Source: Farm Florist

We provide all day flower delivery for Valentine’s Day, and you can count on us for cheap flower delivery in Singapore at any delivery request time. 

2. Peach Coloured Peonies

Although peonies aren’t commonly given as gifts during Valentine’s Day, they’re beautiful nonetheless. These sweet looking flowers are the perfect pick if you want flowers that are slightly different from the norm.

Peonies come in many different colors, most of which are sweet pastels. For Valentine’s Day, we love the light peach colored ones which convey feelings of an innocent, pure love. Peonies are great if they’re presented in a bouquet or vase. 

3. Gerbera Daisy Bouquet

Gerbera daisies are large, and very cheerful flowers that are perfect for cheering up someone’s day, including the person you love. Common Gerbera colors for Valentine’s Day include red, orange, pink and all the shades in between. 

Gerbera’s can be presented as a singular flower with fillers, and this will usually be enough to achieve the look and feel you want. They’re a good pick if you want to be loud and proud about expressing your love. 

4. Hydrangeas for the Heart

Handrangreas are some of the prettiest small flowers as they grow in clusters. Although the most common Hydrangea colors are shades or blue and purple, they’re also available in shades of pink, yellow and red. 

If you’re giving Hydrangeas for Valentine’s Day, it is recommended that you choose colors related to pink and red. Since these flowers are small and grow in a bunch, they represent wishes that your love may grow and proliferate 

Some florists sell Hydrangeas that have been cultivated or arranged to look like a heart. If you come across these types of bunches, it is said that your deepest love wishes will come true. 

5. 99 Rose Bouquets

Giving extra large rose bouquets are a trend these days, as they’re seen as extraordinary expressions of love and devotion. A common number of roses in a large bouquet is 99 roses, which signifies a love that is forever, and a commitment to love your significant other until your dying day. 

Farm Florist offers this enviable 99 rose bouquet, which comes with flower delivery in Singapore for cheap. We’re able to take express orders too and offer free delivery island wide for this special occasion. 

Source: Farm Florist — 99 Rose Bouquet

6.  A Minimalist Rose Bouquet

Although deep red roses are the norm for Valentine’s Day, there may be couples that prefer to go for something that’s more subtle. If your partner prefers more subdued flowers, you can always opt for a bouquet that has roses in more earthy colors.

Thankfully, roses are available in many colours that suit the minimalist aesthetic. These include cream, beige and light green. A bouquet with a mixture of these roses will offer something slightly different, especially if you’ve been giving the same types of roses to your partner for many years.

Featuring our 3 rose bouquet — Tenderness. This bouquet will sweep your valentine off their feet, and make them swoon. A sweet and romantic bouquet will make anyone fall in love. Shop the most aesthetically pleasing and minimal flower bouquets this Valentine’s Day on Farm Florist.

Source: Farm Florist — Tenderness

7. Carnations for the Cherished

If you’re looking at a Valentine’s Day flower that’s also sweet and suitable for the occasion, you can consider giving carnations. Carnations are round, delicate looking flowers with petals that look like gathered ribbons. They give off a soft and fluffy feeling when viewed, and can be displayed easily too.

Carnations are pretty versatile, and you can also request for them to be mixed into your Valentine’s Day bouquet with roses. Carnations come in various shades of red and pink. Our favorite is definitely classic light pink carnations.

Dos’ and Don’ts in Picking the Best Valentine’s Day Gift

There are several important aspects you have to think about when purchasing your Valentine’s Day flowers. These careful considerations will help you ensure that your bouquet is the best and most suitable for your significant other:

  • DO take into consideration your partner’s preferences, especially in terms of colors and the type of flowers they like.
  • DO consider the meanings behind the number of rose stalks you buy, as most numbers have their own unique meaning.
  • DO consider pairing your flowers with other gifts like chocolates, plush toys, chocolates or cakes.
  • DO put in something with a personal touch, like a handwritten note or a small card that you’ve made yourself.
  • DO try something special and different from what you’ve presented previously, as this will help keep the spark in your relationship.
  • DO be original and sincere when writing your messages rather than copying messages from another source. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just sincere and from your heart. 

Apart from buying your loved ones some Valentine’s Day flowers, you may want to craft some flowers of your own. In cases like these, you can consider us because we sell florist supplies wholesale in Singapore too. There is nothing more unique than a flower arrangement that you have made yourself.

Also, check out Farm Florist’s special Valentine’s Day promotions that will benefit you and help you save too. 

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