How to Keep Love Alive In The Midst of a Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic, which has been going on for quite some time now, has really changed everyone’s lives. People are currently getting used to living in the new normal and beginning to learn how to live with Covid-19 as an endemic disease.

The new normal means lots of changes to the way we do things. One of those things is relationships, specifically romantic relationships.

How the Pandemic Affected Romance

Throughout the pandemic, there were many lockdowns where couples were forced to stay with each other for weeks on end. Other couples were kept apart by border closures.

These and other lifestyle changes, which continue to today, can take its toll on relationships. That’s why keeping the love and romance alive during this period becomes more crucial. Here are some of our recommendations for keeping the spark alive amidst the pandemic.

These tips can work for both new couples, as well as for those who have been with each other for quite some time.

7 Things You Can Do To Keep That Romantic Spark

1.  Spend Some Time Apart

Yes, you read that correctly. Having your own ‘me’ time is crucial for any relationship to survive. Many may think that in a relationship, you have to do everything together. However, relationship experts actually advise at least some time apart each week.

This ‘alone time’ will help both of you recharge emotionally and mentally. You can spend it pursuing your own hobbies, talking with friends, relaxing at a spa or just quietly with a book. Like the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

2.  Have that Element of Surprise 

Surprising your partner with a gift these days may seem corny, but it really does make them feel more loved and appreciated. The stress and uncertainty of being in a pandemic can really drain one’s mental and emotional strength. 

That’s why encouraging your partner with the occasional grand gesture during this period is a great idea. 

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3.  Small Gestures Work Too

It isn’t just the big surprises that count. Sometimes, small acts of kindness for your partner work too. For example, you can do some household chores even when it’s not your turn or not usually yours to do.

Other examples include making your partner’s favorite snack or drink; giving them a back rub at the end of the day and more.

Small gestures that can lighten the physical and mental load off your partner will surely make them feel loved. Another

4. Plan a Romantic Home Dinner

There doesn’t have to be a special occasion for you to plan a romantic one on one dinner with your partner. You can cook up something special, or you can otherwise order something more posh and classy as a treat.

Apart from an elegant meal, you can also make the dinner special by getting a cake and flower delivery in Singapore. At Farm Florist, we offer value packages with both flowers and cakes. Some come with special birthday balloons. 

If you’re not celebrating a birthday, fret not as you can customize any package and include or omit items. One great package is the International Women’s Day bundle with a chocolate banana cake and carnation bouquet. 

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5. Catch Up With Your Partner Regularly

Once a relationship has gone on for some time, you tend to rush through the day and not really have deep talks with your partner. Both of you have fallen into a routine. Both of you also know what you have to do keep the house and family running.

However, it’s good to take a step back once couple of times a week and really talk about what you’re feeling and going through.

The pandemic has thrown lots of uncertainty and stress our way. Having someone to confide in and listen to your problems will do wonders for both of you.

6. Try Something New Together

Trying something with your partner can be quite intimidating, as you don’t know whether you’ll like it or not. It could be a new hobby, taking a new class, learning a fitness routine, listening to new music or something else.

If you ever want to consider a hobby like flower arrangement, you can get your florist supplies wholesale in Singapore from Farm Florist.

Whatever you choose to do together, it should be taken with an open mind. You may not succeed at finding something you both like at the first try. However, you’ll eventually find something new that you both can bond over and get closer that way.

7.  Manage Your Expectation of Each Other

Usually, in any relationship, both partners will have certain behaviours they expect from each other. However, in difficult times, some compromises should be made.

This means managing your expectations of each other, and not pushing for things to function like they did before the pandemic. It’s okay not to fulfill all your planned schedules for the day. It’s okay if the dinner is less than perfect.

The important thing during this period is that everybody stays healthy, both physically and mentally. 

In times like these, it’s good to keep supporting each other to stay strong. Don’t forget to support your local businesses too, like Farm Florist. We can do a flower delivery in Singapore for cheap, send flowers in Singapore within an hour of your order, provide wholesale florist supplies and make 24 hour deliveries. Visit us online to learn more about our products and services today. 

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