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Telephone: 8722 4212

Website: https://www.wildflower-florist.com/

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Operating hours: online 24 hours daily

One look at the floral arrangements from Wildflower Florist and you can tell that there is a strikingly different concept behind how the flowers are arranged that make them stand out from other florists. Founded by Wilma Esplana Watts, who was inspired by her travels to Western Europe, the vistas of untamed meadows, as well as the rugged Fiordland of New Zealand, and experiencing the winters in Sydney where she grew up. The floral arrangements at Wildflower Florist are specially arranged in a way that emulates untamed wildflowers growing naturally in the meadows. 

Having been formally trained in the precision of the Japanese art of floral arrangement — Sogetsu Ikebana and a graduate of the Nobleman School of Floristry, Wilma’s vision for Wildflower Florist is to “Bring The Wild Inside,” referring to the beauty in untamed nature that breathes life into an indoor space, turning a room into a fantasy garden or a wonderland.

Product selection

Wildflower Florist offers a variety of arrangements in the form of table wreaths and vase arrangements. No two designs will ever be the same so there will always be an element of surprise when you place an order from them. The arrangements typically come in five sizes: Regular, Popular, Classic, Grande and Extravagant. You may browse through a selection of sample arrangements on their product page for a rough idea of which arrangement you prefer.

Wildflower Florist cares deeply about the environment and where possible, uses materials that are biodegradable, recyclable, reusable and repurposable. If you opt for your flowers to come in a vase, you’ll notice a brown fabric wrapped around the glass vase, secured with a string of ribbon. Wildflower Florist uses burlap, a biodegradable material made from naturally organic jute plant fibres to wrap their flowers. Containing no chemical additives or treatments, it is completely safe for animals and the environment. 

Floral Subscription service

Starting from the price of $258.40 every 4 weeks, WildHome is a floral subscription service that brings a piece of wild nature into your home. Wildflower Florist also has a subscription service for offices, retail stores and restaurants, under WildOffice.


Wildflower Florist welcomes customisation requests and they even have custom flower design services for events and special occasions. Get in touch with Wildflower Florist directly with your ideas and specifications for alternative floral arrangements.

Payment options

Wildflower Florist accepts all major credit cards at checkout. All products are GST inclusive.


Wildflower Florist offers free islandwide delivery on all orders.

Bring a piece of the wild home with you today at Wildflower Florist.

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