Why FARM Florist Flowers Last Longer and are Cheaper?

Roses by FARM Florist

Running a florist in Singapore can be difficult and daunting. It is a relatively competitive industry given the fact that there is a physical florist at almost every mall in Singapore. If that still serves as a factor of inconvenience to customers, they would be enlightened that the online World is filled with tons of online florists. Online florists generally offer fresh flower bouquets of decent variety that are affordable to most Singaporeans. Same day delivery is also becoming a norm given that the benchmark of offerings is increasing as we speak!

If you were to compare an apple to an apple, it would always be a wonder to why FARM Florist has been able to sell:

  • Bouquets that are fat and puffy
  • Filled with a good variety of juicy fresh flowers
  • Flowers that last more than a week longer than those from other florist
  • Blooms that are literally the cheapest in Singapore
  • Flowers with free same day delivery in spite of the rock bottom selling price.

Today, we will be sharing how we are able to do what we do so well.

Cold Room

We are proud to have a 3000 sq ft cold room that houses all of our fresh cut flowers and ready made bouquets that await delivery to your beloved recipients. A cold room is necessary to ensure that our flowers can last the longest duration possible. This reduces our wastage by at least 20 percent because lesser flowers have to be discarded due to being unfresh. Most florists in Singapore use an air-conditioned room instead.

Flower Food

The usual practice for ordinary florists in Singapore would be to use pails of water to place their newly purchased bundles of fresh cut flowers in. We add an extra element of a special formula that allows the flowers to absorb the extra nutrients they would need to have improved and more vibrant colours.

Daily Air Freight of Fresh Flowers – Wholesale Ability

We partner with flower farms from Malaysia, China, Kenya, and Holland. Every day, we have an air-freight consignment of fresh flowers from these countries direct to our cold room compound. Being a wholesaler ourselves means that you get to enjoy farm fresh flowers that are literally fresh from the farm!

Support from Great Retail Volume

We are able to do all of the above due to our high volume in the Singapore market. Getting a cold room and air flying flowers into Singapore on a daily basis can only be economical to our end users with the blessed volume that we have. This also allows us the scale to negotiate for the lowest delivery cost from our delivery partners.

Streamlined Operations

We have partnered several partners to boost up our technological interface. We have GPS tracking on all delivery drivers so our customer service experts never need to call them when you make an enquiry on your order. We have ribbon making machines, automated rose dethorners, an efficient order allocation system, and most importantly, a fantastic inventory management system.


We are extremely grateful to be regarded as Singapore’s favourite florist by so many Singaporeans. We will continue to grow and evolve in ways to serve you better. We have big plans for the future, and we hope it would improve the lives of all consumers!

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