What Makes FARM Florist Different?


There’s something special about flowers. They can cheer you up, put a smile on your face, bring colour and comfort to an otherwise gloomy day, and fill a space with a blend of magnificent, divine scents. It might seem hard to ‘mess up’ an arrangement of fresh blooms, but trust us, it’s entirely possible. After all, there are many principles and elements involved in wrapping a floral bouquet – from maintaining balance to creating contrast, establishing dominance, ensuring proportion and scale and bringing rhythm.

While most of us might recognise popular flowers like roses, lilies, daisies, orchids, chrysanthemums, peonies and more – did you know that there are roughly 400,000 different types of flower species around the world? Plus, individual flowers, when matched with others, can give off an entirely different mood. Whether it’s a gentle, dainty, pastel bouquet or one that’s cheerful, bold and bright, it’s no secret: there is a real skill in turning floral design and arrangement into works of art.

With flower shops sprinkled all around Singapore, where can you find somewhere that wraps craft, quality, affordability and creativity all into one bouquet? Look no further than FARM Florist. We spoke to their Senior Florist recently to find out more about the business and learn about what sets them apart from the rest of the garden. If you’re looking to add extra sweetness to your day or bring joy to someone, FARM Florist might just be what you’re looking for.


It’s clear that the florists in FARM Florist come with years of experience in arranging flowers. They believe in the thoughtful creation and curation of each arrangement. They take pride in doing quality checks for every bouquet. And they’d happily go the extra mile to make adjustments if they spot any problems along the way. A magic touch that will only come through when the florist working on your bouquet has a genuine love and passion for their work.


Flowers will never last forever. But one can still hope for fresh, quality stalks when placing an order, right? If you’re anything like us, you can rest assured when ordering from FARM Florist. Not only do they use fresh flowers that are sourced directly from the farm, but they also throw out flowers that are dying, unlike other retailers who’d try to slot them into various bouquets!

To prevent floral wastage, FARM Florist looks to doing and planning their inventory correctly. What does this mean for shoppers? Shopping in peace knowing that every stalk in the bouquet you order will be as fresh as it can be! Plus, FARM Florist keeps their prices reasonable, not exorbitant, which stems from a belief that flowers should always remain accessible to anyone and everyone.


Have you ever received a bouquet and wonder if the wrong one got delivered? Or heard of friends feeling like the flowers they ordered was not worth their money? We feel you. From bouquets coming out totally different in shape, size and style to receiving one that’s nowhere near the quality of its photos online – horror floral stories are aplenty if you bother asking around.

That’s one of the reasons why FARM Florist has made it their mission to craft every order as carefully to what they’ve advertised online! With florists following their pictures, what you cart is truly what you’ll get – unless of course, you’ve ordered customised or surprise bouquets.


Can’t make up your mind on what to order for someone? Let FARM Florist help you with it. Order their ‘Surprise Bouquet’ and have the shop’s top-class florists unleash their imagination, get creative and explore new designs. But wait, perhaps you’re sending flowers to someone at work – or maybe it’s for your best friend. How can you then differentiate the type of order? Fret not. Generic customisation is allowed under their ‘Surprise Bouquet’!

Choose the type of wrapper, the number of main flower stalks, the gender of your recipient, age group of your recipient and even what occasion you’re celebrating. From love and romance to platonic friendships, or birthdays and Teacher’s Day – it’ll almost feel like you’re ordering a customised bouquet, which we love.


What if you’re looking for potted plants or even gift hampers? Yup, FARM Florist has them all. The shop carries a wide range of offerings, from hand bouquets to terrariums, succulents, potted orchids, flower bloom boxes and preserved flower domes. They even carry items like congratulatory stands, condolence flowers, a variety of festive hampers and celebratory add-ons like chocolates, balloons and more! Talk about a one-stop-shop for all things flowers and gifts, FARM Florist helps make this process extra convenient – especially for those in a rush.


Flowers can’t solve all problems, but they’re a great start. With so many florists around us, it can prove useful to find yourself a credible, reliable and affordable shop today, like FARM Florist. This way, you’ll know where to go and save time racking your brains and searching through Google when you need a bouquet, plant or gift hamper.

With FARM Florist’s expertise, craftsmanship, quality and creativity, you can rest assured that they’ll bring blooming wonders to everything you order. Be sure to check out (and bookmark) their website today, or check them out on Facebook and Instagram for some flower inspo before your next order.

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