Ji Mei Flower Review

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Location: 5 Joan Road, Plot 11 & 12 Thomson Nursery (5.66 km), Singapore, 298898 

Telephone: 6285 0017

Website: https://www.jmfloral.sg/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Ji-Mei-Flower-165920550116832/

Operating hours: 8am-9pm from Monday to Saturday, 8pm-7pm on Sundays.

Cheapest bouquet: $120

Since its establishment in 2000, Ji Mei Flower (JM Floral Creation) has become one of the largest plant and flower wholesalers in Singapore. Specialising in the craft of bespoke bouquets, JM Floral Creation is well-known for their variety of floral arrangements in a whimsical style. Their expertise has earned them the title of being one of the top wedding floral decoration specialists in Singapore. 

The florists at JM Floral Creation pride themselves as a team of designers, makers and creators, using flowers as their artistic medium. Possessing a keen eye for detail and intricacies, JM Floral Creation provides decoration services for large scale floral arrangements, installations and centrepieces that stand out at any event. JM Floral Creation is able to come up with floral designs that are uniquely tailored to their customer, embracing their traits and personality quirks to come up with unique floral designs.

Product selection

JM Floral Creation retails a wide variety of bespoke floral arrangements, ornamental potted plants, herb gardens, terrariums, mini gardens and gardening essentials. JM Floral Creation also hosts a variety of workshops for those who wish to try their hand at floral design and arrangement. 


JM Floral Creation is open to customisation requests, which you may contact them directly for. They also have a feature called Design A Bespoke, where you can customise your own bespoke bouquet using the drop down boxes provided in the product listing. The skilled team at JM Floral Creation would then put together a unique bouquet according to the options you have picked.

Payment options

JM Floral Creation accepts a variety of payment modes. They accept all major credit cards, Paypal, PayNow, Apple Pay and Google Pay.


JM Floral Creation provides free islandwide delivery on all orders. However, surcharges may apply during festive seasons and peak delivery periods. The window for delivery is typically from 10am to 7pm, which may be extended to 11pm during festive or peak seasons to ensure that all orders are delivered. 

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