How to Choose the Best Father’s Day Gift 2021

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Father’s Day is a special occasion and a chance for you to show appreciation to the man that has been a supportive figure in your life all these while. Father’s Day isn’t just for biological fathers, but anyone that has been a father figure in your life. 

This can include guardians, step-dads, grandfathers and even mentors. The main question that you may be asking is, how can you pick the best gift this year?

Picking Father’s Day gifts can be a daunting task. However, there are some strategies and tips you can practice to ensure that you make better choices for gifts this year. Here are some of them:

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Meal

Ordering in a scrumptious meal will be such a treat for your Dad and for the whole family. Consider ordering a more luxurious meal from a hotel or an upper class restaurant for a change. This way, nobody needs to cook or spend time slogging in the kitchen to prepare it, and everyone can just enjoy the meal together. 

There are many hotels doing deliveries these days, and you can choose from a western themed dinner or even eastern themed meal. 

One place that offers unique creations is Birds of a Feather that serves fusion Szechuan creations for a touch of spice and something different. 

A luxurious meal won’t be complete with some red wine. Did you know you can order your red wine packages with some beautiful flowers? You can get some over at Farm Florist which delivers island-wide 24 hours a day. They’ll even be able to deliver within 1 hour of your order so you don’t have to worry about last minute preparations. 

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Something Familiar

After many years of knowing your Dad personally, you would know his likes and dislikes. Use this knowledge to your advantage. It can sometimes come in handy to buy something that your Dad has always wanted, but held back on buying.

However, you should always try and think of something a little more unique than just belts,ties and pens. 

For example, your Dad may have held back on buying proper running shoes, and have been using an old pair of sneakers instead, this is the perfect time to buy your Dad that pair of running shoes that will make his exercise routines more comfortable. 

It Can Be a Subscription

When buying a gift for Father’s Day, keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a single object or item. It can be something abstract too, like a subscription to an extra streaming platform. For example, you could buy your Dad a year’s subscription of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or HBO Go. 

Apart from streaming platforms, you can also get subscriptions to a host of other things. These include gym memberships, newspapers, magazines and surprise boxes.

You might be wondering what surprise subscription boxes are. Well, these are surprise boxes from various businesses that are sent to your doorstep every month. Examples of products include Japanese treats, books and even craft beer. 

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It Can Be an Activity To Do Together

As mentioned earlier, the Father’s Day gift you buy doesn’t have to be an item. Here, you can also organize an activity that your Dad enjoys. Make sure that the activity you organize is in line with the Covid-19 SOPs and social distancing rules. 

For example, if your Dad enjoys fishing, perhaps you can accompany him for one special father and son or father and daughter session. 

Other ideas include a baking session, a barbeque at home or a day out hiking. Of course, this depends on whether your Dad is an outdoorsy person or one that prefers to stay at home. The activity you choose should be suited to your Dad’s preferences and personality. 

Whatever activity you organize, don’t force it on your Dad. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a surprise and you can discuss it with him beforehand with several suggestions, and see what he chooses.

Limited Edition or Collector’s Item

If your Dad is a collector of anything, you may want to help him expand his collection. Collecting stamps is just one type of hobby. Nowadays, people collect all sorts of things, including Ang Pao packets, Coca-cola bottles, lego sets, Star Wars paraphernalia, figurines and the like. 

It’s easy to dismiss these types of collections, but if your Dad is into it, you can really make him happier by supporting his hobby. 

Collector communities can be found all over social media. You can find limited edition products there, or find one collectible that your Father doesn’t have yet. 

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Consider a Holiday Experience

Since Father’s Day 2021 is within the Phase 2 recovery period, travel overseas is still prohibited. However, hotels within the island are permitted to provide lodgings for leisure purposes. 

Although dining and several hotel activities are not permitted, you can still book a stay for a night or two and give your Dad ( and Mum too!) a change of pace. 

A short staycation can do wonders, and help alleviate the feeling of being cooped in the house for extended periods due to the pandemic. Although it may not seem like much, it’s actually quite therapeutic. 

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Consider Something For Their Health

If you’re out of ideas, it’s always good just to go for some health-related gifts. You can’t go wrong with these. It could be a home exercise machine, some herbal supplements or maybe a health screening package at the nearest hospital. 

Investing in your Dad’s health is always a positive thing. It’s also a preventive measure for anything untowards in the future. 

Of course, to buy health-related gifts, you would have to be familiar with their physical conditions, so you can make the best decision on what suits them at this particular point in time. 

Source: xFrame

Remember that the most important thing for Father’s Day is to enjoy some precious time together as a family. It shouldn’t be about how expensive your gift is, as long as it makes your Dad happy. 

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