Flowers That Best Represent Geminis

Welcome to the first post in our Zodiac Flower Series on the FARM Florist Flower Delivery Blog! In this series of posts, we will be featuring a series of bouquets in our store, which correspond to your loved ones’ star signs. In this post, we will be looking at the third star sign in the horoscope, Gemini!

Represented by a pair of twins, Geminis are known to be playful, curious souls who find fun in everything they do. A Gemini’s birth flowers are Lavender and Lily of the Valley, which represents their energetic and inquisitive nature. Geminis are fascinated with the world around them and seek to gain as many experiences as possible. Of course, these are just a few qualities of Geminis that make them so fun to hang around with! 

With the Gemini season rolling in, it’s time to find a present that shows our Gemini friends just how much we appreciate them. What better way to show your appreciation than with a beautiful bouquet? Now, you might be wondering which bouquets are best suited for the outgoing Gemini brimming with a zest for life. You’ve come to the right place! FARM Florist has a wide variety of bouquets that appeal to the childlike wonder and infectious energy of Geminis! Here are five of our top picks for the lovable Geminis in your life.

Happy Pom Pom Bouquet

Happy Pom Pom Bouquet – $45

Our playful, excitable Gemini friends are bound to love the adorable Happy Pom Pom Bouquet, dyed with cheerful pastel hues and topped-off with a cute little smiley face. These round flowers resemble cheerleaders’ pom poms, which are perfect for Geminis, whose positivity and unyielding support makes them our best cheerleaders!

Rainbow Drizzle Bouquet

Rainbow Drizzle – $45

Nothing says Gemini more than a dash of bright, cheerful colours! The Rainbow Drizzle bouquet is a perfect fit for our fun-loving Gemini friends who never pass up on an opportunity to liven things up with a splash of colour. Baby breaths represent childlike innocence, freedom and purity. Perfectly befitting of happy-go-lucky Geminis.

Misty Sunflower Bouquet

Misty Sunflower Bouquet – $45

Cheerful, bold and bright, the Misty Sunflower Bouquet is bound to impress your Gemini friends. Featuring large sunflowers bundled with baby breaths, the Misty Sunflower Bouquet is the perfect embodiment of a Gemini’s sunny and sweet personality — brave enough to take risks but also adoring enough to take us along with them for the ride.


Fondness – $37.00

Cheery yellow gerbera daisies and sweet pink roses take centre stage in the beautiful Fondness Bouquet. As endearing and lively as our Gemini friends, the Fondness Bouquet is the perfect gift to show them just how much we appreciate them for being around and sharing their positive energy with us.  

Surprise, surprise!

Still not sure of which flowers best suit your Gemini friend? Why not leave it to the professionals at FARM Florist to craft a stunning birthday bouquet for them? With decades of experience in floral arrangement, our experienced florists are capable of putting together an amazing Surprise Bouquet or Surprise Bloom Box specially tailored to your favourite Gemini! Simply fill in the drop down boxes in the product listing and wait for the magic to happen!

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