Discount Codes of Top 8 Florists in Singapore

florist discount code singapore

With occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day happening every year, it is common to up your marketing game if you happen to be a florist in Singapore. Flower Delivery in Singapore has a huge demand. While the online florists get to cash in on such occasions, wouldn’t it be great if the consumers could enjoy maximum savings too? This is the time for one to ask, ‘you have any florist discount code in Singapore?

We have come up with a list of the top 8 florists in Singapore with discount codes for each of them! The list below also includes their cheapest bouquets, delivery details, and reliability of fulfilment. Please note that these discount codes have been vetted by us and are correct as of 18 February 2019.


  1. FARM Florist Discount Code

FARM Florist is a florist in Singapore specialising in anything floral since 2017. They operate via shift work to adhere to their crazy 24/7 demand. It is known that they are a team of passionate floral hobbyists who became professional florists in the hope of achieving a mission – to ensure nobody has to burn a hole in their pocket to see someone smile. With more than a century of combined experience, FARM Florist promises a full refund for all deliveries that are late for more than 60 minutes. They provide free same day delivery and with an impressive rating of 4.8 stars on Google, there is no reason to not want to give them a chance!

Designs There is something for everyone
Cheapest Bouquet 25 SGD with Free Delivery
Delivery Timing 2 Time Slots, Daily
Delivery Limitations Same Day Delivery Available
Delivery Fee Free
Discount Code FF10 for 10% Discount

(Credits: Farm Florist FB Page)

* Florist Discount Code in Singapore has no expiry for FARM Florist


  1. Happy Bunch Discount Code

An up and coming online florist in Singapore that also has a presence in Malaysia! This company can send a bouquet to your recipient and provide same day flower delivery service as long as your order is made before 12.30 pm. That is some crazy operational strength! Their bouquets are also very unique as they are all wrapped with burlap to provide a very rustic effect. They focus on a limited number of pretty looking bouquets. The ‘Weekly Bunch’ that features a new design every week, the ‘Fav Bunch’, and the ‘Lux Bunch’

Designs 3 to 4 designs
Cheapest Bouquet 30 SGD with Delivery
Delivery Timing Anytime between 11 am to 6 pm
Delivery Limitations Same Day Delivery Available
Delivery Fee Free
Discount Code HONEY5 for 5% Discount

(Credits: Honeycombers)


  1. A Better Florist Discount Code

This florist has done well to expand to several nations overseas. The founder mentioned that he started this business in Singapore because of a poor experience he had with another florist. They aim to be the best in Singapore and they have some very impressive promises. They are able to deliver your bouquet 90 minutes from the time of your order. With such an offering, many Singaporeans with the habit of being a ‘last minute king’ will have much thanks to give to them! There is no point in visiting a physical outlet anymore because you can order these flowers and have them almost instantly from anywhere in Singapore.

Designs 10 designs
Cheapest Bouquet 68 SGD with Delivery
Delivery Timing 90 minutes from time of order
Delivery Limitations 90 minutes from time of order
Delivery Fee Free
Discount Code CEOLOVE for 10% Discount

(Credits: ABF)


  1. Far East Flora Discount Code

Far East Flora is arguably the biggest florist in Singapore. They have a huge compound at 565 Thomson Road selling fresh cut flowers. For florists who do not import their flowers themselves, they can visit Far East Flora for a wide array of fresh flower selections. On the same lane, they also have a nursery selling plants and gardening related products. We believe that an established company like them would be one of the more reliable florists in Singapore.

Designs Huge
Cheapest Bouquet 32 SGD
Delivery Timing 3 time slots, daily
Delivery Limitations Earliest delivery date stated in each product
Delivery Fee 7.49 SGD
Discount Code CITI2019 for 10% Discount

(Credits: getcardable)


  1. Dainty Flowers Discount Code

They seem to be a new online florist in Singapore operated by floral hobbyists. They have created a floral box that they call a KAMI box. Known to be flower enthusiasts, they specialise in bespoke arrangements in the form of bouquets, floral boxes, and vases.

Designs Unique
Cheapest Bouquet 35 SGD
Delivery Timing Not mentioned
Delivery Limitations Not mentioned
Delivery Fee Not mentioned
Discount Code NTUAlumni10

(Credits: NTU)


  1. Floral Passion Discount Code

Floral Passion is also one of the new online set ups in Singapore. They cashed in during the Valentine’s Day season in 2017 and have been running steadily ever since. They provide a wide range of bespoke services – weddings and corporate events included. They are home to many affordable miniature single stock bouquets that can be bought for a cheap price. For products that are towards a normal sized bouquet, they are also at a very economical rate.

Designs Unique
Cheapest Bouquet 35 SGD
Delivery Timing 3 time slots, daily
Delivery Limitations 48 hours from date of order
Delivery Fee 15 SGD
Discount Code fpmothersday for Unknown Discount

(Credits: floral passion website)


  1. Fleuriste Discount Code

Fleuriste is an online florist provides the biggest percentage discount out of all the florists on this list. They curate rustic flower arrangements and bouquets that are more than capable in forming a smile on the face of your recipient. A cool thing to note is that the discount code provided below can also be used for their flower arrangement courses. Some may say there is no big deal in conveniently purchasing a bouquet online for your significant other – we believe that we cannot say the same when you actually make your own bouquet!

Designs Unique
Cheapest Bouquet 55 SGD
Delivery Timing 3 time slots, daily
Delivery Limitations Earliest date will be listed at checkout
Delivery Fee 15 SGD
Discount Code NTUALUM for 15% discount

(Credits: NTU)


  1. Floral Garage Discount Code

Floral Garage Singapore is known to be an online florist set up by a team of floral hobbyist who aimed to sell the cheapest flowers in Singapore. They have been very impressive in the form of their floral creations and value for money. Their signature ‘Freestyle Bouquet’ is their most popular product that features many variety in the capacity of a small handheld bouquet. Their prices are also relatively cheap. Today, they operate from a shop at Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre that is conveniently just 3 bus stops away from NEX should you wish to save on delivery.

Designs Unique
Cheapest Bouquet 34 SGD
Delivery Timing 2 time slots, daily
Delivery Limitations Same Day
Delivery Fee 5 SGD
Discount Code NUSTYLE10 for 10% discount

(Credits: NUStyle)


The End!

We hope you have found your favourite florist discount code in Singapore!

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