Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Him in Singapore

gifts for him singapore

One thing with men is certain – shopping for them is never easy. Whether you’re together for two months or if you have three kids, it’s all the same. Men are complicated, but we have to do our part in making them happy for their special day.

To make your life easier and his birthday better, here are the top 10 gifts for every man. Before you go shopping, remember one thing. The gift is special because it’s from you. Whether it’s a trip to Singapore or a pair of slippers, he will appreciate it.

  1. A new cologne

There is nothing better than a man who smells good. By buying a new cologne for your man, you both win because we all know how addictive that smell is. Ask his friends and analyse his past colognes to figure which scent might suit him. Avoid colognes that have a sweet or overly strong smell. Many men prefer more blunt, less noticeable colognes. Ask the ladies at the store to assist you, too.


  1. A floral motif

Here’s one surprising fact for you – lads like flowers too. It’s all about how you style them and what you make of them. Of course, he won’t go ecstatic over a flower bouquet, but there are other solutions. Find an online florist that does images out of flowers. Order a flower-made picture of his favourite band, team logo or anything else he loves.

  1. His favourite clothing item

Does your boyfriend have a special t-shirt he bought while vacationing in Singapore? How about a well-fitting pair of jeans or a beloved hoodie? If the answer is yes, buy him another one. Us ladies spend countless hours worrying about whether he will like a gift or not. The truth is, no guy will be sad or displeased if you buy him another piece identical to the one he loves. It’s guaranteed success.

  1. A new pair of sneakers

There is nothing boys love more than a fresh pair of sneakers. They protect them at all cost, only coming short of sleeping in them the first day! Knowing how happy a guy is with new sneakers, you have a chance to recreate that iconic joy. Don’t worry about the price. Many websites have regular discounts on many pairs, so you will be able to get something he would like for a bargain deal.

  1. A trip somewhere

If your man is working hard, there is nothing better than a surprise trip on his birthday. Now, this particular plan requires weeks of research and planning. Make him drop hints. Mention countries and destinations and see how he responds to it. He won’t suspect a thing until you’re together on a flight to Singapore, Amsterdam, New York or whichever his dream destination might be.

  1. New gym clothes

If your man is the sporty time, there is nothing that will make him happier than new workout clothes. Even though he won’t wear it to work or a restaurant, he will wear it every day and have more enjoyable workouts. Guys develop a special bond with their new gym clothes. It’s a lovely and useful gift that he will surely enjoy using.

  1. A bonsai tree with flowers

This gift is a bit more risky, but it just might be the best thing ever. While most guys may not like flowers, they are bound to be impressed by the beauty of a blossoming bonsai tree. Buy him a handbook on how to care for it and you might see him develop a new passion. Bonsai cultivation is ideal for stress relief. It might take him a little bit of time to master the art, but his life quality will improve – all thanks to you!

  1. Tickets to a sport game

Come on, you knew this one was coming! Lads love nothing more than watching a good game of football in front of the TV, with a pint or two and his best mates. Why not take advantage of his fandom and allow him to see his favourite team live? It’s a unique gift that he will never, ever forget. If he is a fan of an overseas team, you can always mix it up and create a whole planned trip out of it.

  1. An accessory that he really needs

Why think about what he might like when you already know what he needs? Guys don’t require big expensive presents like most gals – they prefer gifts that they actually need and can use. You can buy him a new laptop or smartphone case to replace an old one. It’s small things like these that he will love the most. And besides, he will use the item on a daily basis! While it might not be big, it will always be by his side.

  1. Shaving kit

This is one of the best and most useful gifts you can give to that special man in your life. Do some research about his favourite shave gel/foam, razor, beard trimmer or a electronic shaver and an aftershave lotion. If they’re not that expensive, you can buy two of each product. Wrap them up with a special message on the package. He will be delighted by the fact that you care and will remember the gesture every time he shaves.

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