Preserved Flower Dome by Janine Garnier


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We believe that we are the best florist in Singapore, capable of catering to all your floral needs. We teamed up with celebrity florist Janine Garnier to create arguably the most beautiful flower dome one can ever receive as a gift. Wow your special someone with a gift that will last forever.

  • Limited sets available.
  • Not allowed for resale due to copyright purposes.

What are Preserved Flowers?

They are not fake, and as a matter of fact, extremely real. They go through a technological process involving silica gel that transforms fresh flowers into flowers that feel, smell, and look the same, just that now, they require no maintenance and last forever.

Classy and Elegant

Our personalised glass domes have been a huge hit ever since we have launched them. A unique and thoughtful gift that can be used to as a table display piece that requires no maintenance. These flowers are real but will never die. As a result, they provide you with all the advantages fresh flowers have to offer, and you don’t have to worry about the disadvantages that come with fresh flowers.

CUSTOMISATION IS STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED! Simply fill up the drop down boxes below and we will curate a preserved dome that we feel best suits your occasion.

Please note that as flowers are seasonal, we reserve the right to substitute fillers with others that are of equivalent or higher value.


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