how well do you know your flowers?

Thinking of customising a bouquet? This flower glossary of flowers available for sale in Singapore would certainly be of great help!

Allow us to introduce you to names you have probably not heard before, and their pictures!

Without further or do, let us begin!

Roses by FARM Florist


The most common flower used in flower hand bouquets in Singapore. Roses come in all kind of colours you can think of because of its ability to be artificially dyed. Even Rainbow Roses are possible, and we at FARM Florist usually perform the dying process in house.

Roses also have other variations such as the David Austin Rose, which is super expensive, and Rose Spray, which is the miniature form of roses.

In Singapore, the country of which our roses come from are ranked accordingly (cheapest being the first):
India, China, South African, Kenya, Ecuador, Columbia, Holland.

The difference mainly lies in the size and vibrancy of the flower.

Bird of Paradise

A hardy flower mostly grown in Indonesia, these flowers are mostly used for congratulatory flower stands here in Singapore.


A hot favourite among the western community in Singapore. Instead of hand bouquets though, it has been more popular for use in vases.


Also known via layman term as Daisies, these flowers are very low in cost and often a popular choice for corporate events or giveaways in Singapore.


In Singapore, and probably also around the world, the Sunflower is used as a gift to cheer someone up or to wish someone a speedy recovery.


Lilies are more commonly used to congratulate a mother for her new born. White Lilies however, may often be a symbol of condolence.


Pink Carnations are the most popular during Mothers Day. It also exists in a miniature form called Carnation Spray. May also be a perfect filler.


Eustomas are seldom used as a main flower in Singapore. Mostly used as a filler, it is not hardy and requires gentle handling. It is however a true beauty.


A premium choice of filler available in very rich colours. Alstroemerias may easily boost the look of any bouquet. They are usually from Europe.


An expensive option and seldom used in hand bouquets. They are more commonly used in congratulatory flower stands for opening ceremonies.


This premium beauty is only in season from May to July. For the other parts of the year, they may exist but in a smaller form. The artificial replicate is a popular decorative item for Chinese New Year


Orchids are the National Flower of Singapore. They can be found abundantly in the Botanical Gardens. Orchids are usually used in table displays in hotels and malls.


A Hydrangea may cost up to S$25.00 per stalk, but that has not stopped it from being a fan favourite, especially during customisation requests. The smaller (and cheaper) alternatives are those from Malaysia while the Dutch ones are bigger.

Calla Lily

Another premium selection that is preferred in the form of a floral arrangement by the Western community in Singapore. It is also popular for use in wedding bridal bouquets – especially a cascading one.

other flowers popular for use as fillers in bouquets (accompanying flowers)


Baby’s Breath

Wax Flower






other flowers that are classified as super premium




other seasonal favourites


A hot favourite during Christmas. However, due to the temperate climate in Singapore, real life Poinsettias may be a little difficult to maintain and they tend to turn green. Therefore, the artificial form is much more popular for Christmas Tree, Wreaths, and Home Decoration.