Our Efforts to Eliminate the Spread of the Coronavirus

With the spread of the Coronovirus increasing, it is essential that business like us implement strict rules to ensure the safety of all customers we interact with. This unfortunate situation has resulted in a spike in demand for online flower delivery, with many consumers making the decision to avoid retail florist outlets and other crowded areas. With this increased volume, we have implemented the following to do our part in preventing the exponential spread, while ensuring that life goes on:

  • Delivery drivers are required to fill up declaration forms regarding their travel history, previous day local whereabouts, and signs for symptoms that are similar or identical to the Coronavirus.
  • Temperature taking of all staff and delivery drivers whenever they enter our premises, even for multiple times a day.
  • Personnel who show symptoms through a cough, a temperature over 37.5 degrees Celsius, or who are simply not feeling well, are required to visit a doctor and provide proof of visit through a medical certificate or receipt.
  • Limiting each driver to 5 orders per day.
  • Prioritising drivers who have not visited cluster zones.
  • Increase in manpower to coordinate more delivery routes, as more drivers will be required now to fulfil more orders.
  • Prevention of lunch by staff in communal canteens or eating spaces, but instead, at their own work spaces.
  • Hand-sanitisers at every work space. 
  • Staggered 4 hour work shifts for all florists.
  • Working closely with our farms to ensure that the working situation in their country is all well under control, and temporarily pausing supply from countries with rapidly increasing outbreaks.
  • Preventing deliveries to cluster zones (case by case basis).

The steps that we take may seem to be overboard, but prevention is always better than cure. We urge your understanding should we provide replies that are slightly delayed, or if we have cancelled your order. Together with you, we believe that we can make a difference. Here is how you can help us:

  • Opt for deliveries that are not to crowded areas, but locations where the bouquet can be left off at a receptionists and residential unit or home.
  • Avoid deliveries to known clusters as broadcasted in the news, or to hospitals too.

We thank you for your continued support and vow to do our best in helping you deliver that smile. We are always overjoyed to play a small role in helping you make someones day a better one through the amazing gift of flowers.