How Flowers Help with Self-Love and Healing

When buying flowers, one would usually associate them with the act of gifting and not something that they would buy for themselves. While it is true that flowers are often bought as gifts, it is perfectly fine to buy flowers for yourself as a perk-me-up, or simply because they make you happy. You may wonder, “what’s the point of buying flowers when they won’t be of any use to me?” Our answer would simply be, “why not?” Flowers are a great way to aid your self-love and healing efforts. Flowers have the ability to lift your spirits instantly, improving your well-being in the process. There’s always a good reason to treat yourself to some beautiful blooms. Here are a few ways that flowers can aid you on your journey towards self-love and healing. 

Improve our health

It is no secret that flowers and herbs have been associated with healing for centuries. Not only do flowers have a positive effect on one’s psychological health, they also do wonders for one’s physical health. According to research, flowers lower our blood pressure and reduce feelings of pain, anxiety and fatigue. They have an uplifting presence and promote healing, which is why people give flowers as get-well-soon gifts. On this note, it is important to bear in mind that flowers are not a substitute for medical therapy. 

Wellness at home

Flowers are nature’s way of adding a splash of colour to any environment. Certain flowers radiate liveliness with their bright colours and wide faces, such as Sunflowers and Gerbera Daisies, while daintier flowers such as Roses and Orchids exude an air of elegance and charm. If you are not allergic to pollen, flowers make great natural air-purifiers. Flowers such as Gerbera Daisies filter pollutants and toxins from the air, giving off large amounts of oxygen in return. Flowers brighten up every corner of your room and fill the air with a natural fragrance that lifts your mood. It has also been proven that the view of flowers in your home can help you to physically de-stress and relax. No matter the occasion, flowers breathe life into enclosed spaces. You’ll feel rejuvenated with a few stalks of flowers cleverly positioned around your house.

Relief from tension

Flowers are known to have a stress-relieving effect, which is why flowers are used to make essential oils and floral tea, which soothe and invigorate the senses. Lavender and Chamomile are popular choices for stress-relief and sleep-aids. Feeling tense and stressed out? Soak in a warm bath with rose petals and essential oils. The sweet fragrance will take your mind off your troubles temporarily, giving you a bit of reprieve. Don’t have a tub? You could also boil flower petals as this releases enzymes that help soothe your nerves. This is the reason why flowers are often used for spas and massage therapies.

Boost your confidence

The act of buying flowers for yourself also strengthens your confidence as you are empowering yourself to love yourself more. You could buy flowers as a reward or a treat for yourself. Nailed that presentation or got a promotion? You deserve a beautiful bouquet. You could also buy flowers simply because fresh flowers put you in a good mood. There’s no need to wait for anyone to give you a bouquet to congratulate you. This form of self-care will go a long way into assuring yourself that you’re worth being pampered every once in a while, and that you don’t need approval from anyone else to know your own self-worth. 

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