Flowers That Are The Best Gifts for the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Astrology is the belief that certain positions of celestial bodies, like stars, are able to influence events in our daily lives. Many people are big fans of astrological signs, which are signs associated with one’s birthdate. 

For those born between June 21st to July 22nd, they fall under the sign of Cancer. The symbol of this zodiac is the crab. People born under the Cancer sign have very easygoing, loyal and generous personalities. 

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Understanding Those Born under the Cancer Sign

People born under the cancer sign have many different traits. If you’re in a relationship with someone born under the Cancer star sign, you may notice that they’re very intuitive and sensitive.

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The cancer zodiac’s sign is a crab, which is related to the water element just like Pisces and Scorpio. Water element individuals are known to have a deeper emotional depth and be heavily influenced by their hearts on a daily basis. 

Apart from that, those with the Cancer zodiac sign are also:

  • Very obvious about their thoughts and emotions. Usually they don’t hide their feelings, even if they’re feeling irritated or under the weather. 
  • When facing tough situations, Cancerians can sometimes retreat into their ‘shells’ just like a crab. This means they can self isolate until they feel comfortable enough to emerge and interact with you again. 
  • Cancerians do not like the spotlight and they are, in general, introverts rather than extroverts. This means they prefer the company of a few close friends rather than a big gathering with strangers.
  • People born under the cancer sign don’t find it easy to open up to strangers and can be rather reserved. However, over time they will begin to trust you enough to reveal their kind, gentle and loyal sides.
  • Cancerians are very sensitive to the atmosphere in a room, and can read the tone and mood of those around them fairly well. Thus, they’re pretty wise when making decisions on how to act and react around people. 

Buying Flowers for Cancerians

Flowers are the perfect gift for expressing emotions. Whether you want to say ‘Sorry’, ‘Thank You’ or ‘I Love You’, flowers can express that and more. Flowers are also a gentle and calming gift that’s also pleasant to look at and can decorate homes, leaving a nice fragrance.

Buying flowers for someone depends a lot on the occasion, as well as their personality. For those born under the Cancer zodiac, they will love it if you’re sensitive to their needs. Since they’re very intuitive and possess deep emotions, the flowers that you give to them should be filled with emotions too. 

Flowers have always been associated with astrology, whereby different zodiac signs have different birth flowers. These birth flowers are often given as gifts during birthdays. However, they can also be gifts for any other occasion such as anniversaries and celebrations. 

Cancerians love mild colors that are earthy and natural, rather than strong or overly bright colors. Personality wise, they’re mild mannered, peaceful and serene. Therefore, flowers with mild, calming scents are the best. 

The Types of Flowers Associated with the Cancer Zodiac

There are many flowers you can give to a person with the Cancer zodiac. These flowers represent their birth month as well as their peaceful and sensitive nature. 

1.    Light colored roses

Roses are some of the most versatile types of flowers out there. For those deciding on a bouquet of roses for Cancerians, you should go for roses that are light and mild in color. These include off-white, cream, light pink or light purple roses. These colors go very well with their serene personalities. 

Roses are very special for Cancerians because it is their birth flower. Apart from being associated with their star sign, roses are also flowers that represent elegance, refinement and luxury. 

Roses are also very romantic and are a classic representation of loyalty in love. Roses are therefore suitable for Cancerians as they value faithfulness in relationships, and are admirers of long term relationships. 

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2. Water Lilies 

Water lilies grow floating in water, so they’re the perfect representation for Cancerians which is a water element zodiac. Water lilies are symbols or purity, and have spiritual qualities that coincide wonderfully with the personality of Cancerians, who have significant emotional depth.

Water lilies also symbolize peace, and their mild scent is often used in meditation circles to promote serenity. Thus, this flower is in line with the peaceful and tranquil side of Cancerians who will no doubt appreciate this flower for its calming qualities. 

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3. Violets 

Violets are small flowers, with 3-5 petals and they usually grow in various shades of purple and lavender. These small, sweet flowers are often recommended for Cancerians because they represent protection. 

Those born under the Cancer sign tend to be very emotive and intuitive, and therefore they tend to feel emotional hurt more acutely than others. Violets send the message that you will protect them from emotional hurt to the best of your ability. 

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4. Lotus Flowers 

Lotus flowers can sometimes be mistaken for water lilies. However, they are a different plant altogether. Although lotuses also grow on water, the Lotus flower rises high above the water’s surface. 

The lotus flower is often associated with Buddhism and is commonly seen in Buddhist temples. It is believed to be a flower associated with rebirth and enlightenment. 

Lotuses also represent insight and reflection, and a deep sense of self. Cancerians are known to be very in touch with their feelings and therefore the Lotus flower is able to capture this sentiment perfectly.

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 No matter what the occasion is, buying flowers for a person with the Cancer sign is not difficult. As long as you put your heart into the gift, it will turn out beautiful. This is because Cancerians are sensitive enough and will feel your sincerity.

Even if you’re planning a last minute surprise, giving flowers is still possible. Places like Farm Florist will be able to deliver anywhere within Singapore 24 hours a day, and delivery can be done within one hour of your order. This means whichever Cancerian is dear to you will be able to get their lovely flowers almost immediately and be able to enjoy them 

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