5 Signs You’re Neglecting Your Best Friend

Best friends. The person you trust with your backs, your darkest secrets, and your ugliest sides. Having been through thick and thin together, you would believe that your friendship is set to last a lifetime. However, it always takes two to tango. As you get caught up in a messy web of work and obligations, you may find yourself neglecting your best friend without realising it. Here are five telling signs that you are neglecting your best friend and some tips on how you can save your friendship.

  1. Drowning them out

If you find yourself talking non-stop about what’s going on in your life with little to no regard for what your friend might be going through, you are neglecting their need for your support. Even if you are keeping them company, you are not lending them a listening ear if you are only focusing on what you are going through. Be more attentive to what your friend has to say, so that you can lend them your support or at the very least, a shoulder to lean on. When you find yourself rambling too much, pause to redirect the conversation their way. A little concern goes a long way as they will eventually open up and share their two cents.

  1. Not making time for them

Have you been turning down your best friend’s requests to catch up by using your busy schedule as an excuse? Unlike when you were in school, you may not be able to meet up with your best friend as often due to conflicting schedules. Adulting may be tough but it is never worth losing your best friend over. It is thus important to keep in touch with your best friend no matter how busy life gets. You don’t have to send them text messages every day. You could simply send them funny memes or videos to show them how they are always on their mind.

  1. Leaving them hanging

Have you been putting off your best friend’s messages for too long? Or perhaps, do you usually respond with underwhelming one-word-replies? You might be giving your friend the impression that you’re ignoring or avoiding them. This would eventually drive a wedge between your friendship. No matter how busy you are, you should always make it a point to check on your best friend with simple greetings and perhaps, reply to their messages whenever you can. 

  1. Not paying attention to small details

Have you perhaps forgotten to wish your best friend a happy birthday more than once? Or perhaps, did you forget that they have a low spice-tolerance when you dragged them along with you for Mala Hotpot meals? All these small details are important as they are an indicator of how well you know your best friend. By missing out on these details, you are giving them the impression that their preferences do not bear much significance. As such, they might feel as though they aren’t important to you. Pay attention to their lifestyle habits and preferences so that you can give them a pleasant surprise that will warm their heart.

  1. Pushing them away for too long

As much as one may crave time to themselves, humans are social creatures who like to feel needed. If you are too distant from your best friend, they may not feel needed in your life the way they used to. Remember that no man is an island. Your best friend relies on you just as much as you rely on them. If you push them away, they will drift away from you. Let them know how much you care about them with regular catch-up sessions and surprise gifts!

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