Types of Flowers to Get for Your Wedding

Types of flowers to get for your wedding by farmflorist

Weddings and flowers are inseparable. In other words, you just can’t have a wedding without some beautiful flowers. Usually, there are several ways flowers are used in a wedding. The foremost use of flowers would be in the bride’s bouquet.

Additionally, flowers are also used to decorate the wedding venue. They’re used to line the aisle or pathway where the bride enters, and also in the background of the main ceremonial area or stage.  Flowers are also used as corsages and boutonnieres.

No matter whether it is a western or a traditional style wedding, flowers will always have a place there.

However, if you’re a couple planning to get married, there’s always the question of what flowers you should get for your wedding.

How to Decide on Which Flowers to Get For Your Wedding

Deciding on the flowers for your wedding might seem like a trivial decision. However, it’s actually quite an essential decision, as it has to comply with the rest of your wedding theme and color palette. Here’s how you can go about deciding which flowers to get for your wedding.

1.  Decide on your budget

The first thing you should do while organizing your wedding is to decide how much you want to spend on the entire ceremony. From the total amount, you should set aside the main expenditures first, like venue rental, total costs for a dinner, catering and such.

After the main expenditures have been set, you can decide how much you have to spend on decorations, which includes flowers.

2.  Decide on a color scheme

A color scheme will help you decide on the direction of your decorations and the colors of the flowers you want too. It would also help to spend some time doing your research and putting together a collage of ideas, as near as possible to what you would like in terms of flower type and design.

3.  Get in touch with a florist

It’s now time to decide on which florist you would like. There are many cheap wedding florists in Singapore. As soon as possible, you should set up a meeting and discuss what you can obtain with your budget, and present your color scheme and ideas. If you have a specific type of flower in mind, you can also request them from your wedding florist in Singapore.

4.  Finalize your plans

Together with your florist, finalize the design of your bridal bouquet, standees, boutonnieres, corsages, aisle décor and whatever else. Usually your florists will propose several designs you can choose from before the wedding.

Florists for weddings in Singapore will usually ask you when you want the flowers delivered. Usually, flowers should be delivered as close to the wedding ceremony as possible so that they look extra fresh.

What Flowers Should You Get For Your Wedding?

This question boils down to preferences. It also depends on what you and your partner’s favorite colors are. Couples who are getting married often discuss with each other and come to a conclusion about color palettes for the wedding beforehand. Usually, they will pick one of two main flowers to be the feature or main flower for their wedding.

Whatever choices you eventually make, here are the flowers that are the most popular for weddings these days.

1.  Roses

Roses are really popular for weddings because they symbolize romantic love. Pink roses are particularly popular as they represent sweet and pure love, as well as the purity of love. 

Roses also emit a sweet aroma, and will fill your wedding venue with a natural floral scent that’s both refreshing and calming.

2.  Peonies

Peony flowers are large, with petals that are wavy when completely in bloom. Peonies used for weddings are usually pink, off-white, and yellow. They look extremely feminine and are often paired with other smaller, filler flowers in white.

3.  Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are one of the most cheerful and bright flowers out there. They also come in a myriad of lovely colors that will really brighten up your special day. Gerbera daisies are usually included in the bridal bouquet along with roses, and they’re also used as centrepieces at the wedding luncheon or dinner tables.

4. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are pretty large flowers that look like they have several smaller blooms. Due to the fact that they’re quite voluminous, you don’t need much to form a full bouquet. Hydrangeas also look great when formed into spheres and hung from the ceiling to create an attractive formation. 

5. Sunflowers

Sunflowers might not seem like a natural choice for a wedding bouquet, but it does lend a very happy vibe to your wedding. When it comes to sunflowers, less is more. You don’t have to have many sunflowers in your wedding decorations. Just sprinkle them among smaller flowers and you’ll create a happier, sunnier atmosphere. 

6. Calla Lilies

Calla lilies have a very unique shape. They look like cups, or little trumpets. Calla lilies are very elegant flowers, and represent a romance that’s classic and mature. Calla lilies are also very versatile. Often, a single Calla Lily will be placed in a glass vase for a striking effect. Calla lilies come in many colors, whereby white, cream and pink are the most popular for weddings. 

7. True Lilies

Sometimes called Liliums, true lilies have large blossoms that are often incorporated because they lend an air of familiarity and sophistication to a bouquet. Lilies come in pink, orange, white, yellow and cream, all of which are popular as additions to a decorative wedding ensemble.

Settling For The Best Types of Bouquets

Since a wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, you want the best flowers for your ceremony. Each bridal flower ensemble is unique, and yours should reflect your tastes and preferences. Don’t hesitate to talk to your florists about what types of flowers you want, and their colors too. 

The flowers your pick will form part of your beautiful memories or that special day forever.

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