The Number of Roses In a Bouquet and What They Symbolize

The number of roses in a bouquet and what they symbolize by farmflorist

Roses are common gifts, especially among lovers. However, romantic partners often give each other red or pink roses, as roses of other colors are usually given for other celebrations and occasions. Roses are pretty versatile too, and they can be given to family members, teachers, colleagues and others.

Knowing the meaning of roses by color and number will allow you to make better decisions when it comes to customizing and ordering a rose bouquet. Roses can be given as a single stalk, all the way to 100 stalks. 

The number of roses having meaning started around the Victorian era, when the language of flowers started to become popular and many men began giving flowers to their wives and love interests as unspoken messages of affection. 

Today, the tradition continues and the meaning of the number of roses continue to be messages of devotion between lovers, or messages of care and concern between family and friends. Here’s what the different numbers of roses mean. 

1 rose –  A single rose is often given by someone to their crush, or as a first time confession, sometimes having the meaning ‘love at first sight’.

2 Roses – Two roses are often given when the relationship has developed beyond its early stages and you want to say ‘you have my deepest love and affection’.

3 Roses – Three roses are a way of saying ‘I Love You’ as each of the roses stand for each one of the three words.

4 Roses – If you’re giving four roses to someone, you’re saying that you hope the relationship stays strong and nothing comes between the two of you. 

5 Roses –  The giving of 5 roses is more versatile and shows care and concern. Interestingly, you can also give 5 roses to a non-romantic friend or loved one to show your love for them.

6 Roses – If you’ve been dating for a long time, and you want to signal to your other half that it’s time to take it to the next level, giving them 6 roses is a non-verbal way of saying that.

7 Roses –  7 is the number of completeness, so giving 7 roses to someone says ‘ you complete me’. 7 roses also signify you’re infatuated with someone.

8 Roses –  8 roses are often given to a loved one that’s going through trying or difficult times, as a source of encouragement. It’s not limited to just romantic partners, but family, friends and colleagues too.

9 Roses – Giving someone 9 roses is a way to express that you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

10 Roses – You can give 10 roses to someone you think is perfect for you..

11 Roses – The number 11 symbolizes that someone is perfect, plus one. So they’re more than the perfect person.

12 Roses – One dozen roses is usually given on Valentine’s Day, as a way to ask someone to be yours alone.

13 Roses – Although rare, 13 roses are given in friendship and also as a way to express your admiration to someone anonymously. 

14 Roses – Fourteen roses are given to a loved one who has just achieved a milestone in life, to tell them you’re proud of them.

15 Roses – This is the number of roses you give someone when you want to say “ ’m sorry, please forgive me.”

16 Roses – You can give 16 roses to someone as a farewell gift, to wish them a safe journey.

17 Roses – Seventeen roses are usually given by husbands to their wives on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

18 Roses – Give this number of roses when you want to convey a sincere message.

19 Roses – Nineteen roses says “I will wait for you”

20 Roses – Choose this number of roses when you want to say you’ll stay loyal and true.

21 Roses – A bouquet of 21 roses says you’ll commit yourself to that person.

22 Roses – When you give someone 22 roses, it’s a message of togetherness, that the both of you are the perfect pair.

24 Roses – This stands for the number of hours in a day, telling your other half “I’m thinking of you all the time.”

25 Roses – This is one way to wish someone all the happiness in the world.

27 Roses –  This is yet another number that’s commonly given by husbands to their wives, to say “My love for you grows stronger each day.”.

30 Roses – This number suggests eternal loyalty

33 Roses – Giving this number of roses is a way to express deep affection and warmth.

36 Roses – This is the perfect way to say “Remember our sweet moments together.”

40 Roses – Forty roses says “My love for you is real”

44 Roses – Forty-four roses sends a message of constant and unchanging love

50 Roses – This says ‘My love for you is unconditional’

51 Roses – Fifty one roses is given to someone who is the one and only in your heart and on your mind..

66 Roses – This is yet another way to signify that your love is real and unchanging.

77 Roses – This number of roses is given to someone who you consider to be your soulmate.

88 Roses – You can choose this number of roses if you’ve committed a big mistake and need to make a grand apology.

99 Roses –  99 roses mean that your love is forever until eternity.

100 Roses – The grandest and most luxurious expression of love. 

So the next time you plan to order roses as a gift, take into consideration the number of stalks you’re sending too. This is important, as is the color of the roses that you’re sending. To know more about what the colors of roses mean, you can check out our article on the meaning of colors on roses. 

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