Read This If You Want to Make a Good Flower Arrangement

What makes a good flower arrangement great? Well the answer to that is no doubt pretty subjective. One person’s taste will defer wildly from another person’s perspective. 

Flower arrangements are an artistic statement and expression, meaning that you can personalize your own colors and create something that’s significantly your own. They’re an art form by themselves.

Flower arrangements are made for a variety of occasions, from birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, to more sober events like funerals. Apart from these times, flowers are also arranged for daily display by some homeowners, hotels, airports and the like. 

If you’re making a flower arrangement, here are some tips that can help bring your arrangement to the next level.

1. Determine a Theme Beforehand

Themes help you to pick the type of flowers, colors and arrangements you want beforehand. The themes you pick will be the artistic direction you take with your flower arrangement. This way, you can be consistent with what you want to express.

A theme should also fit into the occasion you’re making the arrangement for, and take into consideration the current season and circumstances. For example, if you have to arrange flowers for a wedding in the middle of the year, you may want a theme like ‘Joyful Summer’ and pick flowers like Gerbera daisies to incorporate into your arrangement. 

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2. More Than Just Main Flowers

A good flower arrangement usually has ‘fillers’. Apart from your main flower or flowers, you should also consider putting in green leaves and small flower sprays. These filler flowers and greens will help your bouquet look fuller and leave less empty spaces.

In Singapore, some of the most common greenery that you can incorporate into your bouquet includes ferns, lemon leaves, Eucalyptus, Monstera leaves, Olive foliage, Baby Blue Eucalyptus and many more.

In terms of flowers, small flowers like Baby’s Breath, Poms, and Feverfew are some of the commonly used ones. These small flowers usually come in subdued colors that work to emphasize the presence of the main flowers, rather than detract from them.

You can purchase all these fillers from a wholesale florist in Singapore like Farm Florist. Farm Florist provides florist supplies wholesale in Singapore to meet all your needs in a convenient manner.

One example of a beautiful blue themed bouquet is Farm Florist’s Melissa, which uses various greens as a filler to emphasize the brightness of its Hydrangeas and Roses.

Source: Farm Florist

3.  Keep Your Flowers Hydrated

No matter what vessel your flowers are presented in, they should preferably have a water source. If you’re making a hand-held bouquet, hydration for your flowers should be provided as damp cotton surrounding the base of the flower stalks.

If you’re placing your flowers in a vase, do make sure you fill it with water. If you’re using floral foam to hold your blooms, make sure you pre-soak that foam.

Flowers that are hydrated in this way will remain fresh longer, and maintain their plumpness so your bouquet doesn’t lose its shape and pattern.

4.  Cut Leaves That Fall below Water Level

When you’re presenting your DIY flowers, make sure that any leaves that exist at the lower part of the flower stalks are removed before you soak them in water or place any wet sponge or cotton around them.

Wet leaves tend to decay faster and this will attract all sorts of germs, which can cause your bouquet to emit an unpleasant odor. Even worse, it may cause the rot to travel upwards along the stalk and cause the stalks to become soft and mushy.

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5.  Keep a High Cleanliness Level

Make sure you clean and dry all the equipment that you’re working with, from shears to the vessels you’re placing your flowers in. Store dry and non-washable items like wrapping papers, ribbons and decorative ornaments in a closed box or cabinet to minimize the accumulation of dust.

The reason for this is to minimize the amount of microorganisms that come into contact with your fresh flowers. Bacteria and fungi can thrive on the damp organic materials and cause decay.

Another thing you’d want to do to ensure the cleanliness of your flower arrangements is to change the water of your bouquet everyday, if you’re taking care of it for more than one day.

6. Cut of Your Stalks Diagonally

When working with flowers, you’ll have to trim off excess bits of the stalks at the bottom. Try your best to snip it off at an angle. This is to maximize the surface area that is exposed to the water. 

The more area of stalks exposed to hydration, the more easily water can travel to the flower petals at the top. 

You can also consider adding some floral nutrients that are sugar based to your arrangements, so you can prevent them from withering too quickly. 

7. Use Flowers That Are Readily Available

In Singapore, there are so many flowers available to you as a florist. This allows you to get really creative with what you have. Some of the common flowers offered are roses, sunflowers, pom-poms, Sunflowers, Gerberas, Lilies and Orchids. 

It helps to work with what’s available to you at any particular time. When arranging flowers, you have to realize that not all the colors and varieties of flowers you want will be available all the time as some flowers are seasonal. As such, you should be able to adapt. 

One flower that’s native to Singapore’s tropical weather but isn’t easily grown are orchids. Here at Farm Florist, it’s offered as part of the exclusive International Women’s Day bouquet.

Source: Farm Florist

If you’re just starting out in the art of flower arrangements, you would perhaps want to consider some Singapore flower arrangement classes. This will help you work on your skills and produce better flower arrangements for your family, friends and customers. Alternatively, you can always buy bouquets directly from Farm Florist, as we offer cheap flower delivery within Singapore. Apart from flower delivery in Singapore that’s cheap, you can also count on Farm Florist to deliver at any time of the day, 24 hours a day. We also have express deliveries where your flowers will be delivered an hour after your order. Speak to us today to learn more!

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