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For this bouquet, our passionate, dedicated, and experienced florists picks out the freshest and prettiest bunch of baby’s breath from our giant pool. After a little bit of trimming till its shape reaches one of perfection, the bunch of baby’s breath is carefully wrapped with kraft paper to bring about a lovely rustic effect. We tie it off with a rope to embrace a country like feeling that would be appreciated by anyone.

Did you know, we are home to the best baby breath around town. We carry Baby Breath Singapore loves and this is one of our hot selling bouquets. Baby’s breath is also known as ‘Million Stars’ or ‘Gypsophila’. We strictly only import these from Ecuador so that each flower bud will boast a bright white, look big, and always be ready to please.

This bouquet features Baby’s Breath.

Product Dimension (approx.):
H- 40cm x  W- 30cm

Please note that the bouquet’s size and dimension may vary slightly as every bouquet is uniquely crafted.

Please note that as flowers are seasonal, we reserve the right to substitute fillers with others that are of equivalent or higher value.

Buy Baby Breath Bouquet in Singapore

Thinking of where you can find the best bunch of Baby’s Breath in Singapore? If you are, you have come to the right place! FARM Florist Singapore is the number 1 destination for the freshest and prettiest looking Baby’s Breath. Also known as ‘Gypsophila’ or ‘Million Stars’, this adorable looking flowering plant has become a very popular option among Singaporeans of all ages.

Baby’s Breath brings about a very rustic effect and can be seen as a table floral arrangement or centrepiece in many new age cafes and brunch restaurants. They have the ability to transform a space into a countryside decor effect. Imported only from Ecuador via air freight, we promise only big flowered and ultra fresh Baby’s breath. Should you be interested in purchasing just a bunch of these beauties unwrapped for your own vase, simply chat with us at the bottom right chat box of this screen and we can make arrangements for you.

A Baby’s Breath Bouquet may be given for any occasion. It symbolises purity and long lasting love. That being said, it is suitable for lovers, platonic friends, teachers, and even your mothers!

The best part about Babys Breath is that they do not have to go to waste. They can be dried and used as an everlasting decorative piece in your home or office. Here is how to dry them without having to entertain the thought of throwing them away:

  1. Hold them in your hand upside down. Ensure that every baby breath flower is facing toward the ground. This is to ensure that when it is dried, the stem hardens while being upright and straight. Drying it in an upright position where the flower is facing towards the ceiling will result in the stems bending during its drying process, thus not being able to stand on its own in a jar that is not that much shorter than its stems.
  2. Use a rope, any rope or string, and tie the bottom of the stems together. Hang this strung up bunch of baby’s breath upside down by a transparent window. For the best effect, ensure that no part of the flower is touching a wall or any other object that may aid it to form an undesirable shape where one portion looks flat. It should look fluffy in spite of the fact that it is dried. It would be best to tie this strung up bunch onto the bottom of a clothe hanger.
  3. After 5 to 7 days when the flowers are starting to brown, gently use your fingers to feel them to determine if they still have any form of moisture. Continue this every 2 to 3 days until they feel completely dry.

2 reviews for Baby Breath Bouquet

  1. Tomlin

    These baby’s breath flowers are so simple yet elegant! My wife loved the rustic design of the bouquet, I highly recommend this for the ladies!

  2. Misha (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this! It was an elegant bunch of flowers wrapped beautifully!! The delivery was super fast too!

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