How Does FARM Florist Keep Prices So Low?

Citizens of a first world nation (such as Singapore) would agree in union that the cost of living is indeed not low. Travelling across the border, even though if only for an hour or two, may make most of us Singaporeans feel like wealthy kings!

That being said, this often leads us to having people who would strive to be successful in their careers so that they may receive great pay checks, or, it could lead us to having more people practicing prudency. Regardless of which group of people you may fall under (it may not even be those two groups you fall under!), flowers as gifts are still sometimes the politically correct gift. While this may infuriate many, we have got good news for you.

FARM Florist was created so that everyone may be able to purchase flowers. We do not believe in ridiculous pricing and it is our greatest aim to provide you with the most value. Yes, most may think that paying peanuts would inevitable give you monkeys. This is why, our friends, we are going to tell you today how we at FARM Florist keep our prices so low.


Our 5 florists have combined experience of more than a century. They have been in this industry for so long that they know exactly what to do in every single circumstance. There is no need for trial and error or to participate in anything experimental. We know the types of problems that may arise with every single action and that is why we do only everything that is right. We do not need to factor in any buffer for mistakes!


Do you enjoy experiencing a winter climate? If you do, you would love to be us! We have a cold container room that we work in everyday, powered only by energy efficient machinery. With this, we are allowed to stock up on a wider range of flowers, as compared to others who would factor in manpower, transportation, and wastage cost for every single flower they purchase.


Over the years, we have gotten to know many people. Many of whom we have now excellent friendships with. Believe it or not, many of these are our suppliers and for most of them, we are still paying the same rates that we had paid 15 years ago.


We purchase most of our flowers from very trusted farms in Asia, allowing our flowers to be regarded as farm fresh. We are happy to be the only mark-up you have to bear!


We come from extremely prudent backgrounds. We take in little money in hope to be able to provide you with a fantastic price point.


Probably the greatest reason to why we can serve you so well. Our efficient and automated order taking system transmits the orders to the florist so smoothly that no human communication is needed. Our deliveries are also tracked using GPS and we even have machines to do simple cutting and dethorning. These were expensive investments at first but they are now our best friends!


We hope you have enjoyed todays story of FARM Florist. We assure you quality and value, always and forever.


FARM Florist

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