Best Gifts For Long-Distance Relationships (LDR)

Maintaining a long distance relationship is never easy. It takes a lot of effort and commitment from both partners in order to make it work. With the availability of current communication technology, couples are now able to see each other online via apps like Zoom and Skype. 

However, there is more than you can do to cheer up your loved one, and keep the LDR sizzling. 

One of these ways is to buy gifts that can comfort your other half, and celebrate special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. 

Here are some of the gifts that you can consider giving your significant other that’s miles away.

1. Flowers 

Flowers sound like the most obvious gift for a lover, but when you’re far apart, giving fresh flowers may be a challenge. Thankfully there are many cheap flower delivery services in Singapore that allow you to order deliveries online. 

You can send flowers in Singapore via online florists like Farm Florist, which offer all sorts of flower arrangements for various occasions including anniversaries, graduations, birthdays and lots more. 

In fact, you can even surprise your other half with Farm Florist’s Hazel bouquet, which is a sweet bouquet of roses for an affordable price of between $45-$75. Flower orders from Farm Florist can be made within the same day, and deliveries can be done within an hour.of your order, anywhere in Singapore, 24 hours a day.

Apart from roses, Farm Florist also does bouquets made from Gerberas, Lilies, Orchids and more. They’re also a wholesale florist in Singapore, in case you want to do a wholesale order for flowers to be delivered at scheduled times over a certain period. 

Hazel by FARM Florist – from $45.00

2. A Delicious Cake

When it comes to special occasions like birthdays, you can’t go without a cake. In fact, there are many ways to order and have cakes delivered remotely. This means you can go on the internet and surprise your partner with a cake delivery. 

At Farm Florist, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of cakes, including a New York Cheesecake, Chocolate Banana, Ondeh-ondeh cake, and Okinawa Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Jelly Cake. You can pair these cakes with balloons and other sweet treats like chocolates and cookies too. 

As mentioned before, Farm Florist offers free deliveries island-wide in Singapore, 24 hours a day any day of the week. 

9.5″ Ondeh Ondeh Cake by FARM Florist – from $74.90

3. Touch Bond Bracelets

These bracelets come in a pair, one for you and one for your partner. They’re usually made of soft silicone of a similar material. 

When worn, you’ll be able to send subtle love signals to your other half by tapping on the bracelets.Some bracelets will light up, while others can give a gentle squeeze, just like a comforting human touch. 

Usually, you’ll have to hook these bracelets up with an app, and then you’ll be able to let your partner know you’re thinking of them. 

4. Personalised Couple Pillow

Since you can’t cuddle with each other at night, it helps if you can each have a pillow to remind you of each other. That way, both of you can hug the pillows instead. Pillows like these provide warmth and comfort, especially when you’re missing each other.

These days, couple pillows come in all sorts of designs. You can choose to customize them too, with each others’ names or personalized phrases that are special to the both of you. 

Alternatively, there are also humorous pillows in the shapes of an arm, so you can pretend that you’re sleeping in the arms of your significant other.

Any of these are a good bet, and you can rest assured that this is a gift that can last for a very long time. 

Source: Pxfuel

5. A Spinning Heart Lovebox

These days, technology is almost magical when it comes to connecting two people. Previously, we looked at a pair of bracelets that could light up and give you a gentle squeeze when your partner taps it. 

Now, here’s a box with a spinning heart. The box connects to an app, and you can send your partner messages. Once the box receives a message, the heart at the front will spin until you pick it up and read the loving message within. 

6. Friendship Lamp

Although not specifically designed for LDR couples, these lamps are nevertheless a great addition to the relationship. Again, they’re connected via the internet, and come in a pair. 

You can keep one, and send the other to your partner. No matter where the lamps are in the world, if they’re connected to a network, they will light up a particular colour when one of you touches it. 

When the other person responds with a touch to the lamp, it will turn another colour to assure both of you that you’re responding to one another. 

7. Some Fine Wine

If you can’t have a romantic candle lit dinner together, the next best thing is to send them a basket of wine and chocolates. Both wine and chocolates carry a taste of luxury and grandeur, and send a message that your love for them is opulent and luxurious too. 

Again,you can find wine baskets at Farm Florist, like this Sunshine Chocolate and Wine Gift Basket, which comes with a large, cheerful sunflower bouquet and a bottle of Anakena Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Sunshine Chocolate and Wine Gift Basket by FARM Florist – $60.40

Farm florist’s flower delivery Singapore is cheap and efficient, with options for deliveries within 1 hour of your order, delivered any time,  24 hours a day.
If you need florist supplies for wholesale in Singapore, we’re also the place you can contact as we offer both regional and imported flowers. Contact Farm Florist for all your business and personal floral needs, and we’ll help you achieve your goals!

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